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    • Ennahdha leader Abdelhamid Jelassi resigns from the party executive office
    • Detained Tunisian blogger Yassine Ayari start a hunger strike
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  • Ask the Experts: Is Freedom of Expression Being Threate...

    Tunisia ratified a progressive new constitution in 2014 that guarantees freedom of expression. Recent arrests of bloggers, artists and unionists, however, reveal underlying challenges to freedom expression in Tunisia, especially in relation to laws prohibiting insults towards government officials and members of...
    Jan 22 2015|Imen Blioua|In-Depth National

    “We Are All Charlie”: Millions Gather in France to Defy Violence

    Jan 12 2015|Fanny.Ohier|Human Rights

    Year in Review: Tunisia’s Success Story

    Dec 29 2014|Imen Blioua|In-Depth Politics
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  • Winter Destinations In Tunisia: A Trip To The South

    Winter Destinations In Tunisia: A Trip To The South Ask locals here and they will tell you that winter in Tunisia is often rainy, windy and chilly. This may be the case but Tunisia is often listed as a...
    Dec 24 2014|Jennifer Ciochon|South