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  • Is it Finally OK To Be Gay in Tunisia?...

    Tunisia's gay community is finally out and proud following a week which saw the announcement of government recognition for a leading anti-homophobia group, just days after a 'gay-pride' style party marked World Anti-Homophobia Day at a Northern Tunis hotel. Outspoken campaign group, Shams,...
    May 24 2015|Conor Sheils|National

    Tunisian Police Tortured My Brother to Death

    May 15 2015|Conor Sheils|Human Rights

    Tunisia Is Running Out of Cultural Spaces

    May 27 2015|Sebastian Fagan|Society
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  • 5 Movies You Won’t Believe Were Shot in Tunisia

    5 Movies You Won’t Believe Were Shot in Tunisia It may not have all the glamour of Hollywood but Tunisia still features in some of the world's most famous Tinsel town blockbusters. From George Lucas's Star Wars series to the...
    May 28 2015|Conor Sheils|Travel Tips