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    • Voter turnout in Medenine 62%. Sfax1 67.7%. Gabes 61.7%. Kibili 62.9%.
    • Voter turnout in Sfax2 70.9%. Nabeul2 68.5%. Tatatouine 73.2%. Manouba 66.2%
    • Voter turnout in kairouan 54%. Bizerte 62.8%. Siliana 59.8%. Touzeur 59.3%.
    • Tunisia’s Voter Turnout 64,6%
    • Afek Tounes Endorses Essebsi as a Presidential Candidate

    Mehdia: Afek Party Organizes a Cultural Event

    By Youssef Gaigi | Jul 11 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print


    On July,9th the political Party, Afak organized a cultural event in Mehdia. Members of the party attending the conference  tried to identify the party’s main objectives and future programs in political,cultural,social and economic fields.

    During the meeting,members of the party expressed  their future intentions to boost the country’s infrastructure, and to solve the real estate’s issues including shared properties that impeded regional development.

    Afak Party’s memebers emphasised on the necessity of cheking the social,educatioanl and training policies of the country in order to facilitate the graduates’ integration in the economic process. They shed the light to the social heirarchy to promote the middle classes’ dominance within the Tunisian society.

    Several interventions during the meeting pointed out the party’s expectations about the new political regime,stresses the importance of the balance of power the independence of decision making process, and that the soveriegnty of national intrest should be every political party’s first priority. 




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