Nadia El Fani: From controversy, to international praise to law suits

By Ahmed Medien | Jul 13 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

Nadia El Feni: "Niether God or Master"

Nadia El Fani, movie director of “Ni Allah ni maà®tre”, knew exactly how to use controversy for her own benefit and the promotion of her so-controversial movie called (Neither God nor Master), which had been later  amended to “Laà¯cité nacha’allah” (Secularism if god’s willing).

It all started when the movie was programmed at the movie theater “Afric’art” where several members of the movie production team were barbarically assaulted  by a group of bearded people commonly known now as “Salfists”.

Regarding these assaults, the national media in Tunisia such as La Presse newspaper, le Quotidient or the national television channel  took a part in reporting the news and the aftermath of such assaults on a daily basis.

The movie created such a unprecedented controversy in the country and pro and counter  protests and marches erupted all across the nation.

Such controversy had also, in fact, helped Nadia El Fani make her voice and her so-new problematic visions exposed to the entire world which decided to praise her with an international award of secularism (laà¯cité) for her creativeness and devotion to insert  new thought-provocative ideas and conceptions to the Tunisian people.

Again, Nadia El Fani don’t seem willing to step aside or rest. Indeed, she has been recently sued by two lawyers for intentions of igniting extremism and bewilderedness in the country. Yet, the first instance court had dropped the charges against  her and she’s now released for the moment until another hot story or polemic about her or her movie will emerge again.

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