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Leila-Trabelsi,the ex-First Lady of Tunisia

According to Al-Akhbar (The News), Al-Joumhouria (The Republic) and Al-Sarih (The Honest) , Leila Ben Ali, former first lady of Tunisia, attempted suicide by poisoning herself in her residence in Abha, southern Saudi Arabia, during the beginning of the week. The CEO of the Liberal Marghrebian party said that he has reliable information about her attempted suicide, including the name of the hospital and the names of her doctors .

The poison was not enough to kill her immediately, so she began to scream from the pain. Her family and domestic workers were able to hear her and took her to the hospital where she was treated. Dr. Abdallah Al-Nabelsi of Abha Hospital, said that her condition is stable at the moment.

The investigations showed that the poison was provided to Leila by an Egyptian citizen in one of Abha’s shopping malls. It appears that Leila Ben Ali is depressed and facing psychological problems after the trial where she and her husband, ex-President of Tunisia Zine al-Abadine Ben Ali, were sentenced to 50 years in jail and given a fine of 50 Million Dollars.
Source: Alakhbar(The News)- AlJoumhouria (The Republic)- Alsarih (The Honest)

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  3. Youssouf says:

    Madame ? How easy to call her madame! Ok then let s call all the murders mesdames and messieurs. Let s call Golda Meir madame and Moshe Dayan monsieur.
    Whether she s tried to kill herself or not is none of our business. She will die one day whether in her bed or in a hospital and then God will judge her. As for the Tunisian people, it will take them centuries to forget what she and her allies have done to innocent Tunisia.
    Madame? How naive! How disrespectful to the Tunisian People!

  4. Dr Mour says:

    Luckly the Dr save her life, because she will suffer more and more as long as she is alive.

  5. Mambo Dirrabbou says:

    die bitch, 10 millions tunisians are waiting for you.

  6. I pray Madame Leila to not repeat anymore a foolish act like this

    and I hope medical staff can save her life.

    I have defended her seven months ago in this article:


    I know she is not loved by the most of Tunisian people.

    Probably she didn’t always do a fair use of her power.

    But she has paid something. And she thinks to pay more.

    Instead her European bad counsellors, first Italian and French ones, has not paid anything.

    Anyway she is a woman. She has been, in such a way, the head of Tunisian people.

    She has power. She can do better. I think she shouldn’t be wasted.

    I don’t think Tunisia is going to happy days without her.

    It’s easy to kill and destroy, but it’s not easy to build a civilization.

    Tunisia should see to its past. Not so difficult: Carthage is there.

    To kill a woman or to force her to a suicide is a crime.

    Not a simple crime, by the way.

    Egypt was doomed by Cleopatra poison suicide.

    Tunisia is warned.

    (Dott. Salvatore Conte, http://www.QueenDido.org)

    • DJ Johnny Jamz says:

      Without regard for the implications of said accusation upon myself, you, Dott. Salvatore Conte, sound like an utter idiot and I wouldn’t doubt if you are the result of a lineage of inbreeding and mental retardation.

    • gogo says:

      I hope some day you starve of death while you have a gold-digger as ruler who used to buy cheap shoes on sale and now spends the countries money on fast cars etc.

      It’s a shame she didn’t kill herself, but I would be even better for them to be taken back to Tunisia and tried there. I would love her to get constantly ass-raped in jail. It’s the least she deserves.

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