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Mohamed Malouche

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Mohamed Malouche was born in Tunis, Tunisia and is an example of a Tunisian success story. He works now as a  senior manager for Deloitte company, in Washington DC metro are. With Deloitte, Mohamed assists clients in the telecom and media industries with the launch and business readiness of innovative digital services and enterprise telecom products.

In 2002, Mohamed Malouche founded PromoTunisia, a service company that aims at increasing the flow of US tourists and investors to Tunisia. PromoTunisia offers cultural and archaeological trips to Tunisia for American travelers and contributes to diversifying the touristic offerings of Tunisia by developing a product that is customized to travelers from the United States interested in discovering Tunisia's arts, traditions, history, and cuisine. PromoTunisia aims also at promoting Tunisia as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment, with a focus on assisting U.S. companies seeking to outsource their telecom & call center operations to Tunisia.

After the revolution of 14th of January, Mohamed Malouche launched the Tunsian American Young Professionals organization (TAYP) along with other Tunisian professionals living in the United States. TYAP is a non “profit association meant to increase economic ties, cooperation and exchanges between Tunisia and the United States. It is also a resource to Tunisian entrepreneurs who want to do business with companies in the United States. TAYP has been very active in promoting post revolutionary Tunisia's image with US investors, chambers of commerce, think tanks and universities.

Mr. Malouche holds two Master’s degrees: an MBA from the top French engineering school Telecom Paris Sud and an MA in telecommunication from Michigan State University.