Nuclear Energy Plant in Tunisia by 2020, STEG Confirms

By Ahmed Lachheb | Aug 2 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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The Tunisian Company of Gas and Electricity (STEG) announced recently that the Nuclear Project Plant of 2020 (NPP) is in the study phase.

Since STEG has confirmed that although the NPP 2020 is being studied, many Internet users strongly disapproved the idea. Facebook groups, pages and even a petition were created to support the ”non-construction of the plant in question.” Yet, it is hard to refuse a project that seems to be profitable and beneficial for Tunisia according to many experts.

According to its supporters, the plant would be able to cover 20% of the country’s electricity needs. This will also bring the possibility of a more autonomous and independent path for Tunisia towards industrialization. Using nuclear energy in electricity producing is a hallmark of developed countries. Last, the nuclear plant will be much cleaner than carbon plants which burn gallons of fuel to produce electricity.

However, as noted earlier, this project was the subject of several disputes. It seems that the most important argument is around the uselessness of the plant. Production of nuclear energy is very risky. Voices opposing this project are appealing to rely on sustainable energy such as solar, since Tunisia is a country with many days of sunshine. Moreover, the cost of the project is the main source of disagreement. According to the opposing party, the cost is not taking the current conditions of the Tunisian budget into consideration.

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