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    Political Parties Call for no Violence during Ramadan

    By Myriam Ben Ghazi | Aug 4 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Ramadan with No Violence

    A march against violence was organized yesterday August 3rd by a group of political parties associations and NGO’s. Attahrir and Ennahda movements, which are Islamic Political Parties, also took part in this initiative to enhance the concept of peace and tolerance during Ramadan. During a press conference the organizing powers revealed that this march is a way to fight the violent threats against open Restaurants during Ramadan spreading on the internet.

    Ramadan is the month of peace and this march intends to keep it that way. Participants in this march insisted on showing support for tolerance and difference acceptance in Tunisia.

    Sihem Ben Sedrine, human rights activist and one of the event’s initiators said that, “this march is not the end of actions against violence in fact it’s the beginning, we will bring more exposure to our cause by starting to campaign against violence on all sorts of media and we will organize debates and try to unveil those who are making violent threats against people just because they’re different.”

    Mrs. Ben Sedrine also announced that there will be a meeting for the initiators of the march to set up a promotional program on Friday August the 5th and to publish it on the media afterwards.

    Source: La Presse

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