• After Riots and Peaceful Protests: Relative Calm Returns to Jebiniana

    By Ahmed Medien | Aug 7 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: Jbeniana ,Violence

    After riots and violence erupted last Friday in Jebeniana, relative calm has returned to the region now. This is especially because of the intervention of the police forces and the army to put end to the what was presumed as clashes between dwellers of Jebeniana and Msetria counties.

    The story, as it's believed by many, started as a mere confrontation between two clans in the regions who decided to work out their problems by fighting and using weapons which, of course, escalated the violence, riots and looting in the area. As a result, more than 100 locals were wounded, according to Tunisian newspapers, and the material damages measure up to one million dinars.

    It also reported by government sources that violence even followed the wounded to the local hospital where angry rioters slightly damaged some of the hospital’s  equipment.

    Facing these increasing aggressions, the local police forces intervened in great numbers aiding army forces that randomly arrested protesters involved in the riots and forced the rest to stop the violence and retreat back.

    When investigated by the Tunisian newspapers, the locals have their own version of the story. Locals claim that the fight was spontaneous in a way that would not have gone beyond their limits if they were not incited by some members of the old regime’s long time loyal and well-known corrupt individuals in the region. Following this unfortunate incident, Jebininana witnessed more clashes between police forces and the civilians who angrily demanded the release of their fellows and family members detained in the clashes.

    Calm and stability have returned to the region after the security forces imposed a 9-hour night time curfew on the region. Security personnel are even present in greater numbers and life is, seemingly, going back to normal.

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