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    Discussion of Post-Revolutionary Economy

    By Asma Ghribi | Aug 22 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: Jaloul Ayed ,transparency ,Wided Bouchamewi

    Jalloul Ayed, Minister of Finance

    Minister of Finance Jalloul Ayed and Ms. Wided Bouchamewi, head of the Tunisian Union for Industry, Commerce, and Artisans, met with a group of businessmen to discuss the economic situation in post-revolutionary Tunisia last Wednesday, August 17th.

    Bouchamewi highlighted the challenges facing investors in Tunisia, especially with the wave of strikes sweeping the country and impeding its economy.  “The Tunisian Union for Industry, Commerce and Artisans aspires to play a significant role in the upcoming period,” she adds.

    Ayed said that the interim government encountered many difficulties after the revolution and had to take urgent measures to rescue the affected enterprises and boost the Tunisian economy. He highlighted the Amal initiative, a large government program to provide unemployment benefits to lighten the burden on Tunisia’s many jobless. He also pointed out that transparency and the democratic transition will help Tunisians regain trust in the mechanisms of their country.

    The discussion also tackled the rise of the black market and how it is hurting an already-suffering Tunisian economy.

    Source: Al Bayan

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