UPL Holds First Press Conference

By Sean Haley | Aug 30 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Advertisements for the UPL have been appearing all over Tunisia

The Free Patriotic Union (UPL) party gave its first press conference yesterday, August 29th, at the party’s headquarters in Tunis. Mohsen Hassan, of the Executive Office of UPL, spoke to the media about the political party that he is a member of and answered questions from various members of the press that were present.

Hassan began the press conference by discussing the goals of the UPL and what it stands for. In his speech, Hassen described the UPL as a centrist party, born of the Revolution that wants to protect its goals and gains and work towards establishing and protecting the rights of each Tunisian citizen. He states that the party seeks to solve every problem with a “100% Tunisian” solution.

Hassan was faced with several questions from the press. He was asked about the potential relationship between party leader Slim Riahi and members of the Gadhafi family to which he responded “Mr. Riahi’s success as an investor in Libya does not mean that he has had a relationship with that family.” Hassan also denied that the UPL has launched their election campaign before the lawful date for parties to begin campaigning.

When asked by another reporter about the sources of funding for the party, given Mr. Riahi’s work in Tunisia, the U.K. and in Libya as an investor, Hassan replied that the UPL is ready for full transparency and ready to accept funding regulations for the upcoming election campaign.

Source: Assahafa

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