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    Balti, Tunisian Rapper

    Balti, real name Mohamed Saleh, was born on April 10th,  1980 in the Medina (Kasbah), where he was raised.

    Balti started off his artistic career as a member of the boy band Wled Bled (City Boys).

    Balti was a multi-talented artist as a rapper, lyricist, and music writer. His first solo effort was an unofficial album in 2003 that introduced him to the hip-hop community in Tunisia.

    He also worked on the soundtrack for the film “The Prince” by Mohamed Zran. Balti wrote the melodies and performed three songs in the movie, plus the end soundtrack.

    Balti has performed on stage with international artists including Rohff, Tandem, FactorX, Sinik, Diam’s, Amel Bent, Sniper, Nadia, and Willy Denzey, and he opened for Methodman and Redman in concert in Germany.

    He recently founded X-Tension, a new rap group that he now works with. In 2006, X- Tension released their first official album produced by AD Production in Tunisia. The album was entitled “Our True World” or “Notre Monde en Vrai.”

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