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    Two New Associations Founded for Regional Development in el-Kef

    By Sean Haley | Sep 18 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: economic development ,el-Kef ,Kef ,Regional Development ,sers

    Unemployment in el-Kef is about 22% and reaches 55% in some of it's environs

    Yesterday, September 17th, in the Export House of Tunis two new organizations were highlighted with the purpose to bring the region and city of el-Kef out of its economic isolation in the country. The Association for the Promotion of Development of Sers (35km SE of el-Kef) and New Visions of Development and Investment were founded by persons from the Kef region in Northwestern Tunisia.

    Riadh Rezgui, President of the Association for the Promotion of Development of Sers, stated that “el-Kef has suffered decades of injustice during the previous regimes and never had its resources placed at its disposal”. He went on to state that the previous regime, in particular, even accelerated under-development in the region.

    Ridha Klaii, director at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, is from Kef and was present at the seminar. He gave a lengthy lecture about the opportunities for socio-economic development that his native region possesses. He reinforced the neccessity to establish proper infrastructure to attract large industrial investment. More and better use of existing infrastructure should also attract foreign direct investment, which will increase employment in Kef and it’s environs.

    Klaii finished his speech with a suggestion on utilizing the proximity of the region to the Algerian border to stimulate trade between the two countries and to lure foreign investment with the ease of transporting goods to both the Tunisian and Algerian markets.

    Source: Le Quotidien

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