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    Ettakatol opens up

    By Wiem Melki | Sep 23 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    During a press conference in Tunis yesterday, entitled “Democratic Forum for Labor and Liberties”, Mostapha Ben Jaafer, Secretary General of Etakattol, introduced his party.

    As an unprecedented attempt to uncover many details about the internal affairs of the party, Ben Jaafer not only revealed its budget, an amount of 1.153.000 DT, but also its source. Basically, the funds come from donations, membership, as well as from the party’s website entitled “mouatinoun”.

    The bulk of expenses, 77%,  is spent on communication and the media. About 1 billion DT was already spent. The detailed report encapsulates several expenses covering renting charges (98 Million DT) as well as meetings and events (82 Million DT).

    Etakattol gathers about 20,000 members and between 700 to 1000 new ones via the internet each week.

    Ben Jaafer states that his party’s intention is to promote transparency, one of the most important demands of the Tunisian people. A priority of the party is also to gain the confidence of the people. He promises that there will be regular announcements concerning the finances as well as the sources of the funds.

    The party hopes to gain 15% to 20% of the votes and believes that this goal could be realized.

    The pioneering initiative of Etakattol to publish such details can trigger other parties to do the same. It was thus a major response to the many inquiries Tunisian citizens and future voters had.

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