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    Youssef Seddik Discusses Issues Relating to Constituent Assembly Election

    By Houssem Sta Ali | Sep 29 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    In an interview with Al-Chorouk newspaper, Youssef Seddik, philosopher and independent candidate for the October 23rd Constituent Assembly elections, discussed his issues with the Constituent Assembly and campaign process. He believes that writing the constitution is the exclusive prerogative of law experts and independents.

    He's a candidate and head of an independent list for the district of Ariana, a suburb north of Tunis. Concerning the upcoming elections Seddik commented: Yes I'm frustrated, I can't conceal that. I'm also perplexed if I should continue to the end or just quit.

    He addressed the issue of the ongoing legal violations of political parties from two angles:

    Some parties bribed voters and others are waiting for heaven's mercy he stressed. Seddik also emphasized the unfair chances of winning in elections. He stated that the parties conquered other independent candidates with huge amounts of money spent on advertisements. Money as an independent, is something he “can't afford. Seddik alluded to the fact that the alleged money comes from shady sources.

    The Tunisian philosopher believes the path to a credible constitution lies through independent candidates, as the current state of the country requires no ideological proclivities or fundamental debates neither technically nor strategically. He added “not technically” because the elected assembly will not sustain the futility of ideologies. The assembly should only be constituted of honest and qualified citizens he said, in order to form a national consensus.

    Seddik argued that candidates with ideological backgrounds will consult the members of their parties therefore they'll speak on behalf of their doctrines and convictions, whilst he will have his conscience as a background speaking on behalf of the population.


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