ISIE: First Feedback About the Electoral Campaign

By Eymen Gamha | Oct 4 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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In a press conference organized on October 4th in the Social and Economic Center of Tunis, the High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) gave its first feedback about the current electoral campaign for the Constituent Assembly. The president of the ISIE, Kamel Jendoubi, stated that the beginning of the campaign is slow owing to a lack of experience, but no major problem were detected.

Mr. Jendoubi also added that 810 observers are monitoring the campaign to detect any violation of the electoral law. The monitors will also visit the headquarters of the parties and the independent candidates to check if they did not surpass the exact amount of the electoral expenses allowed, which is equal to three times the amount of the donation.

There is also a team that monitors the media to maintain its neutrality, and the recruitment of national and foreign observers is ongoing until October 8th.

Electoral kits that contain polling boxes and seals are available and will be transferred to polling stations. The ISIE received 30,000 polling booths, 200,000 seals and 120,000 polling boxes.

An awareness campaign will take place on October 10th under the name “Tunisia is voting “ (???? ?????)

In terms of financing the parties and independent lists, the head of the ISIE declared that the role of the High Authority is limited, and that the Finance ministry is in charge of funding the parties. Delays of funding are due to logistical problems and technical difficulties, arising because of the large number of parties and independent candidates. 75% of the lists (parties+independent) got 50% of the public donation of 9.500.000 TND.

Concerning the Tunisian voters in Canada, the Canadian government does not allow Tunisians to vote, not even in Consulates and embassies. Souad Triki Kalai, vice-president of the ISIE declared: “Nothing should be banned in Consulates and Embassies as it belongs to the Tunisian territory.” As a consequence, the ISIE is working on allowing Tunisians living in Canada to vote, and plans to organize its polling stations so that the Canadian security forces will not have to interfere.

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