Election Campaign More Dynamic on Fourth Day

By Wiem Melki | Oct 5 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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On its fourth day, the campaign scenery is getting more dynamic with parties and lists presenting their programs all over the country.

In Gafsa, the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) started distributing fliers and announcements. They will also have campaigns in Metlaoui and Snad. The party nullified any rumors about their dismissals or resignations from the offices in the region .

In Kasserine, the National Unit list was dropped by the independent Regional Instance for Elections (IRIE) because it did not meet the required qualifications. The list brought its case to court which is still considering bringing it back.

In the district Tunis 1, Moncef Marzouki stated that “people should vote for the recognized parties who have been struggling against dictatorship.” The Hezb advocated a Constituent Assembly of three years and a political system which is half parliamentary, half presidential.

The Tunis 2 district is a spot of heated competition between candidates of the PDP, Ettakatol, and the Morou’s list.

 Medenine’s IRIE stated that the campaign included 42 lists and confirmed that until now no major transgressions have taken place. However, the parties’ activities and general meetings could lead to grudges and the exclusion of some parties.

In Nabeul, some lists are complaining because they are still waiting for the financial support that ISIE promised, which they need to launch their campaigns.

In Monastir, the Revolutionary Alternative list had two popular general meetings in ksar hellal and Jamel. Other lists used the Tunisian flag in its advertising documents, which is against the laws of the electoral campaign.

Violations of the electoral law are committed in all districts, for example, through tearing posters from the walls “ whether by people or members of parties. Moreover, political parties advertise in places other than the wall lists and better coordination between the parties and IRIE is required. The regional authority invites all parties to notify them about any activities meetings to be held 72 hours ahead or they will not be allowed to have them.

Overall, the campaign agenda is getting busier with more parties presenting their programs, approaching all the regions in Tunisia, including the so-called marginalized ones.


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