Emerging Optimism for Tunisian Small and Medium Enterprises After Revolution

By Wiem Melki | Oct 5 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Since the revolution of January 14th, different attempts were made to support and protect the Tunisian economy. A program for the industry and emphasis on competitiveness and stimulating initiatives promoting innovation were set.

The industrial sector has witnessed an increase of 23%. Five-hundred ideas for new projects were elaborated, 30 of which were strategically studied by the Study Center for Industrial Prospective (CEPI). 51 projects have been realized thus far.

Projects studied where investment has reached 5 Million Tunisian Dinars for the first 8 months after the revolution, gave the following statistics:

2.7 global investments

24.3 % of industries focused on exports

25.5 % with foreign investments

7.3 % with regional development investments

Other sectors have been harmed, such as the leather and shoe industry regressing by 50%, as well as the textile industry.

The number of projects benefiting from government aid for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) from 95 has decreased to 89 in the last 8 months. These projects will still create 2,339 jobs. The government’s contribution has reached 17 million Dinars.

Investments in the services sector has witnessed a declaration of 542 projects for an amount of 54 Million Dinars and providing 2,591 jobs.

The Tunisian Agency for Promotion of Industry (API) is still considering the creation of projects and jobs as a mission to be fulfilled. Now, it has 5 missions: application of  incentive code for investments by providing offices studying ideas and strategies , encouraging foreign collaborations and investments, assuring the management of the Tunisian Bank of Industrial Data to provide surveys and statistics, elaborating sectors and regional studies and promoting innovation.

Concerning regional development, API is working in collaboration with the Center for Promotion of Exportation (CEPEX) encouraging small and medium-seized enterprises on both a national and international level.

Source: La Presse


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