The Initiative

By Eymen Gamha | Oct 5 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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The Initiative (or Al Moubadara) is a post-revolutionary political party founded by Kamel Morjane, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the former regime, and a member of the RCD, the ex-ruling party.

The party obtained its authorization on April 1st, but since then it has remained discrete on the political stage. The head of the party, Kamel Morjane, has been the subject of many controversies; he admitted that he issued diplomatic passports to the Ben Ali family on January 16th, 2011, two days after Ben Ali’s flight to Saudi Arabia.

The party’s economic program intends to encourage a market economy based on private investment, aiming at double-digit growth of the GDP. In terms of development of Tunisia’s interior regions, the party proposes to divide Tunisia into five administrative districts, the governors of which would be under the responsibility of the Prime Ministry.

On an international scale, the party is resolved to reinforce Tunisia’s partnership with the EU.  Al Moubadara also aspires to create a Maghrebine economic community, in partnership with Libya and Algeria.

The party has not released information about its political program, but it has announced that it favors a semi-presidential system.

According to the profile of the Initiative party, most voters are essentially members of the former RCD regime. The party’s Facebook page has 20,346 fans, and an opinion poll published by Hanns-Seidel, a German Institute, shows that among Tunisian voters who have a preference, 3% plan to vote for the Initiative party.

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