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Tunisians Preparing for Eid Al Id’ha


Tunisians Preparing for Eid Al Id’ha

Only one day before Eid Al Id’ha, Tunisians are urging themselves to get done with all the preparations to celebrate the festivity properly but also conventionally.

“This opportunity only happens once a year and my wife and I are always keen to make it a pleasant memory for our children,” said Mohamed Mezghzni, dragging his sheep to his truck in downtown Tunis.

At the local market of downtown Tunis (Marché Central), ladies were buying vegetables and spices they needed for Eid meals in the next days or weeks.

Marché Central (2/11/2011)

The market, known to be the biggest of the area, offered everything needed to cook a luscious meal. Ladies and some men were comparing prices, greeting each other and buying last-minute necessities.

Despite the overall blissful atmosphere, the market was overcrowded and some customers were unhappy with the prices or the quality of the products, as well as the traffic jams.

Nadia Saadaoui, who seemed very annoyed by the crowd, told Tunisia Live “I don’t understand why Tunisians always do things at the very last-minute.”

Another man said “I can’t afford such prices…we need the government’s intervention to lower them so we can feed our children.” Two minutes later, the man was arguing with a fruit vendor because he thought that his apples were overpriced.

Tunisian market

All over the streets, young children are playing with their sheep, and vendors are exhibiting their sheep.

Another aspect of the preparations are the traffic jams on roads, with families heading homeward.

Public transportation stations and school surroundings are almost empty; everybody is preparing for the “big holiday” “ the Tunisian appellation of Eid Al Id’ha.