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    Final Results of Tunisian Elections Announced

    By Eymen Gamha | Nov 14 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    The final results of Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly elections were announced today by the High Authority of the Elections, Tunisia’s electoral monitoring and organizing committee.

    Among the 8.289.900 eligible voters in both Tunisia and abroad, some 4.308.800 people registered, representing 51.7% of the total number of potential voters.

    Only 68.2% of the votes (2.762.855 votes) went towards seats in the constituent assembly. They are split between 17 political parties’ lists, 32 independent lists and one coalition’s list. The remaining 1.290.293 votes were cast for parties or lists that did not receive enough votes to gain seats in their given district.

    The number of seats in the constituent assembly will be divided between parties, independent lists and coalition lists as follows:

    Political Parties:

    Name of the party’s list Number of seats Total number of votes
    Ennahda Party 89 1500649
    Congress for the Republic CPR 29 341549
    Ettakatol 20 248686
    Progressive Democratic Part PDP 16 111067
    Al Moubadara 5 97489
    Afek Tounes 4 29336
    The revolutionary Alternative (PCOT) 3 11891
    Echaab Movement 2 13979
    Social Democrats Movement MDS 2 8230
    Maghrebine Liberal Party PLM 1 6621
    Equality and Justice Party 1 6098
    Progressive Struggle Party 1 5860
    The New Destourian Party 1 5826
    The Democratic Social People’s Party 1 5643
    Cultural Unionist People’s Party 1 5219
    Free Patriotic Union UPL 1 4456
    National Democrats Movement 1 3599

    Independent lists:

    Name of the independent list number of seats Total number of votes
    Aridha Chaabia 26 252025
    Voice of the Independent 1 13432
    The Independent 1 11980
    For a Tunisian National Front 1 7421
    The Hope 1 6022
    The Faith 1 5070
    Social Struggle 1 4749
    Equity 1 4232
    Faith to the martyrs 1 2540

    Coalition list:

    Name of the coalition list Number of seats Total number of votes
    Modernist Democratic Pole PDM 5 49186



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