Tunisia Welcomes Formation of New Libyan Government

By Sana Ajmi | Nov 26 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Tunisians hold the Libyan independence and Tunisian flags

Tunisia’s new Islamist-leftist coalition government welcomes the formation of Libya’s new interim government, which was announced last Tuesday by interim prime minister Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Keeb.

The transitional government’s role will be to lead the oil-rich country until parliamentary elections are held next year.

The Tunisian coalition government hopes the interim government will set the grounds to a better future for Libya.

Nour Eddin Lbhiri, member of moderate Islamist party Ennahda’s executive bureau, congratulated the Libyan people for this accomplishment, and said he trusts that the country is on the right path to achieve democracy.

He stated “I wish all the best to Libya and I see that the formation of the interim government was an important step for the democratic transition process. It also shows the Transitional Council’s commitment to overcome the difficulties in order to ensure a brighter future for Libya,” continuing, “I hope the Transitional National Government will drive Libya towards peace, stability and a free democratic government.”

The moderate leftist party CPR (Congress for the Republic) also expressed its support to the new Libyan government. Arbi Abid, secretary general of the party’s Tunis office, told Tunisia Live that Libya is entering a new era, after the people succeeded in ridding the country of Muammar Gaddafi’s 42-year-long dictatorship.

“The interim government will play a crucial role in overcoming challenges Libya has yet to face, such as securing social peace and reconciliation, maintaining public order, resuming public services and leading the transition process to a constitutional democratic regime,” said Abid. “We only wish for our brothers, the Libyans, to succeed, hopefully without any assistance from foreign countries, as these are only interested in Libya’s natural resources.”

Mohamed Bennour, the spokesperson for the center-left party Ettakatol, expressed similar encouragements. “There is no doubt the new interim government will defend and guarantee the interests of all Libyans.”

He stated that “After toppling Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Libya’s new leaders are indeed still struggling to consolidate their control over the fractured nation, however, they are working hard at building state institutions that were nonexistent or weak under Gaddafi” and added “I really hope that, despite all the challenges ahead of the interim government, it will succeed in providing a brighter future for Libya.”

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