International Conference on Transitional Justice to be Held in Tunisia

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An international conference will be held, on December 9-10 in Tunis, on the “Establishment of Transitional Justice in Tunisia.”

Successes and failures in transitional justice, drawing on the experiences in Morocco, Poland, Switzerland and in Latin America, will be reviewed at this event. Arab delegations from Libya, Egypt, and Syria will be in attendance.

During a press conference held on Wednesday morning in Tunis, the president of Tunisia Centre for International Justice and co-founder of the French online journal and radio station Kalima, Sihem Ben Sedrine stressed that transitional justice should be the focus of national debate.

According to Ben Sedrine, a 5-year period is required for the establishment of transitional justice. She emphasized the need to address all sectors during this process, including judiciary, security, and media.

A series of workshops will be conducted for the duration of the conference. Six workshops will be chosen from among recommendations submitted to the National Constituent Assembly. The objective is to help define the main conduit for transitional justice in Tunisia.

Ben Sedrine announced that at the end of the workshop the Hachemi Ayari Prize will be given to the organization that played the most significant role in supporting the Libyan refugees during the Libyan crisis.

The Hachemi Ayari award was established in 1999 after the creation of NCLT (National Council for Liberties in Tunisia).  The award is presented to a Tunisian individual, or organization, that has achieved significant accomplishments in the field human rights defense, judicial independence, sex equality, press freedom, freedom of expression, and economic and social rights.

Source: TAP

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    Just wanted to let you know that radio Kalima is primarily an Arabic-speaking online journal and radio station. Sure there is a French edition of the website, but the Arabic version is more frequently updated and the radio is definitely in Arabic.. as far as I know.

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