• Tunisia-Japan Cooperation: Sexual and Reproductive Health Trainings

    By Asma Ghribi | Dec 12 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    A series of training sessions entitled “Change of Behavior in Regards to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Focus on Maternal and Child Health” had been launched on Monday, December 12, in the National Office of Family and Population (ONFP). The event, organized with the cooperation of the Japanese Agency of International Cooperation (JICA), will last until December 29th.

    The program brings together around 20 trainers representing several Francophone African countries and aims to strengthen the participants’ skills in the design, planning, and evaluation of plans and strategies of communication in the field of sexual and reproductive health. It is also an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and best practices in developing the sexual and reproductive health behavior. As part of the program, training sessions will also be offered at selected ONFP regional headquarters, such as Gabes and Sousse.

    At the opening ceremony, Ryuichi Tomizawa, Director and Representative of JICA in Tunisia, reminded the audience that according to a recent United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report, Tunisia is one of the few countries that has achieved the UN’s Millennium Development Goals before 2015, including those of maternal and child health. The director also reiterated his hope for this training to contribute to the advancement and promotion of healthy behaviors in African countries.

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