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    Expected Members of New Tunisian Government

    By Wiem Melki | Dec 13 2011 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: Etakattol ,Noureddine Bhiri ,TAP ,Tunisian Government ,Tunisian Troika

    The Tunisian Press Agency (TAP) revealed the composition of Tunisian ministerial posts last evening according to a source who wished to remain anonymous.

    The official announcement will be released in two days, after the national Constituent Assembly agrees on the governmental structure. The appointments will be members of the Tunisian coalition (Ennahda, CPR and Etakattol), members of other parties and some independents.


    The ministerial posts are expected to be appointed as follows:

    Minister of Justice - Noureddine Bhiri

    Minister of Human Rights and Official Government Spokesperson - Samir Dilou

    Minster of Education - Abd Waheb Maater

    Minister of State and Land Affairs - Slim Ben Hamiden

    Minister of Youth and Sport - Ikbal Sdehi

    Minister of Woman Affairs - Sihem Bedi

    Minister of Industry and Energy - Mouldi Chakhari

    Minister of Agriculture - Mohamed Ben Salim

    Minister of Social Affairs - Khalil Zaouia

    Minister of Interior - Ali Arayedh

    Minister of Immigration - Hsin Al Jaziri

    Minister of Transport - Adel Deli

    Minister of Tourism - Ilyes Fakhfekh

    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Rafik Ben Abd Slem

    Minister of the Presidential Office - Abd Raouf Ayedi

    Source: TAP

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