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    • First suspected Ebola case in Tunisia detected in Enfidha Airport
    • Tunisia beats Senegal 1-0 in African Cup of Nations Qualifying Match
    • Tunisian-Turkish agreement in higher education field signed
    • Amnesty International Tunisia publishes 10-point manifesto for legislative elections
    • Ban-Ki Moon Visit: “Upcoming elections will be crucial step for Tunisia’s future”
    • Germany donates 2,700 bulletproof vests to Tunisia’s Interior Ministry
    • ISIE: More than five million Tunisians registered for upcoming elections
    • Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa calls for vigilance against persistent terrorist threat

    Jamel Eddine Gharbi

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    Tags: Jamel Eddine Gharbi ,Minister of Planning and Regional Development

    Jamel Eddine Gharbi was born on December 5th, 1964 in Jendouba. He is a member of Ennahda, Tunisia’s center-right Islamist party, and has been appointed to Minister of Planning and Regional Development.

    He received a PhD from IHEC University in Montreal, Canada. Gharbi is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Management in Jendouba. He is also the Vice President of Jendouba University.

    He has authored more than 40 publications.

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    1. بلقاسم الرحموني /

      سؤال بسيط لهذا السيد الذي كان وزيرا Ùˆ يدعى انه ظلم في عهد الدكتاتور Ùˆ هو من قام بتسليط ظلمه وظلمه حزبه الارهابي على شخصي …ماذا استفدت ØŸ هل يحركونكم كالدمى اشخاص اثبتت الاحداث انهم سراق وارهابيون …انظر ماذا يحدث لوالي سوسة اميركم …كان اجدى بك الاعتذار….انتم لا تفهمون ذلك لا داعي …نصيحة يجب ان تهتم كثيرا بادارة الارث الذي تركه لك السيد الوالد



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