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    Tunisia Celebrates Its Sense of Humor With Comedy Festival

    By Samia Fitouri | Jan 2 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    To jump-start the new year, Tunisia is holding its fourth annual comedy festival, “Tunis Fait sa Comédie,” (Tunis makes its comedy). The event began on December 31st at the municipal theater on Avenue Habib Bourgiba in Tunis, and is expected to conclude on April 9th.

    This year’s festivities were organized by the Tunisian telecommunications agency – Telecom – in collaboration with the French Tunisian Institute (FTI). Seven comedy shows have been scheduled.

    Among the comedy shows planned for this year are: “The Amazons” – to be performed on January 18th.  The performance is directed by Jean Pierre Dravel and Olivier Macé, and stars Sonia Dubois, Michéle Garcia, and Fiona Gelini. The second show will be begin on February 28th, with “It All Stays in the Family” – a comedy produced by Bernard Granger and directed by Maurice Risch.

    “My Dear Colleagues,” will be performed on March 22nd. Directed by Jean Yves Girin, this performance stars the Tunisian humorist Farid Omri.

    Two comedic plays are to be performed in the Tunisian-Arabic dialect during the festival: “The Clan of the Divorced”  (March 8th), directed by Alil Vardar, and “Turkey Couscous ” (April 19th), directed by Mathieu and Aicha Lebru. These comedies will be performed by Tunisia’s Ferid Omri and France’s Odd Lénard.

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