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    Four Dead in Ain Draham Due to Heavy Snowfall

    By Faten Bouraoui | Feb 10 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Roads in Ain Draham remain blocked by snow

    In spite of recent measures undertaken by the government to deliver aid to those suffering from the severe cold wave, which has descended on Tunisia’s isolated northwestern regions, four patients died at the Ain Draham hospital yesterday night because of the isolation in which the hospital now finds itself due to high levels of snowfall. Ain Drahem – a city located in the governate of Jendouba – has become increasingly cut off from vital supplies.

    Mr. Abderrazek Saoudi, a representative of civil society contributing to the relief efforts in Ain Drahem, stated that the deaths were caused by neglectful care over the patients, in addition to a lack of medical supplies at the hospitals.  ”Those patients were suffering from serious physical pain for more than four days. They never even received basic first-aid,” he added.

    He also claimed that the situation in Ain Draham for those requiring medical attention continues to deteriorate, given that the main roads linking to the hospitals of Jendouba, Beja, and Seliana are still covered in snow.

    Saoudi stated that many elderly people continue to face difficulties in reaching the nearest regional hospitals to receive medical check-ups.

    Saoudi noted that no deaths have been reported today.

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