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Mosaique FM Facebook page hacked

The official Facebook page of Mosaique FM, Tunisia’s most popular radio station, was hacked yesterday night by a group calling themselves “Fallega.” According to Eya Frioui, a reporter at Mosaique FM, the page, boasting nearly five hundred thousand fans, was hacked yesterday at 8:00pm.

According to Frioui, this is not the group’s first attempt to disrupt the site. “They tried to hack our web site before but they failed. The hackers do not agree with our ideas and orientations, that’s why they hacked us,” she stated.

Frioui further accused  the hackers of using the page to spread fallacious information with Islamist bias. “They started a poll about using Shariaa as a source of law for the constitution. They forged the results, saying that people are for it.”

The hackers however have denied these allegations, stating that Mosaique FM had conducted the poll regarding Shariaa as a source of law for the constitution independently, and had intended to manipulate the results. Accordingly, they stated that they issued their own poll on the site to expose the truth concerning the Tunisian people’s position vis-à-vis Shariaa law.

Mosaique FM is the first private radio station in Tunisia. The radio station was launched on November 7, 2003.

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  1. Mongia magi says:

    Please get mr shabbi out of your studios. The man is slimy like mercury. He had zero principals. He does not deserve any respect . He is a hypocrite dying to go to Carthage ! Tart our deserves it better as low as he is. Shebbi is lower

  2. Martin says:

    Damn! I saw the poll on facebook. It’s not only distributed by Musaique FM but appears every now and then in picture tumblers. I just took it for granted. 66,6% (funny number) voting pro Sharia.
    I didn’t even question the authenticity of the poll!
    In fact it seems to reflect the current mentality in the country.
    If there was a voting right now I’m sure more than two third (66,6) would vote pro sharia.
    That raises the question why would the Tunisians vote pro sharia?
    The answer is as simple as silly: People want “thauwaab” or “Ajar” -a reward from Allah.
    Critique: It is ridicolous to treat Allah like a bank, where you hand in your good deeds in order to get a reward. man dhaladie yuqrid Allaha qarda hassanan?
    And yes they have a point in saying how can you vote against the holy law of Allah (Sharia). In a way this could be seen as direct “kufr”. And kufr is a straight way to hell. According to some forever, according to others only for a limited time. (While “shirk” is a never forgive action -hell forever). Some radical scollars claim that ruling by anything else than “sharia” is “shirk”.
    Threat of violence is a powerful agent of manipulation. wa le yu’adhibu ‘adhabahu ahad!
    What a threat!
    Torture is indeed a strong agent to make people do, say, and act in a certain way.
    I personaly experienced the qur’anique threats as a very strong and effective mental torture.
    And yet the victim of torture is convinced of his own lies. Being not convinced would only mean further torture!
    Critique: A vote contra sharia is not a vote against Allah! This because the term “sharia” is more than vague.
    There is no single country that is applying it solely and 100%. Indeed there is no definite agreement on what “sharia” is.
    In fact a pro “sharia” vote is solely expressing the need for help. Aren’t the Tunisians in a struggle? Deep in the open sea in the heart of a storm, desperately seeking refuge and shelter?
    man dhaladhie yarzuqukum in amsaka rizqah?
    I wonder how many people will turn their backs as soon as the boat enters the shelter of a save harbour.
    Further critique: Who will or even could be the one providing the country with a “sharia”?
    I was and and I am shocked by the religious education in Tunisia. Or it’s very low level. A-imma that can’t read nor recite the qur’an properly.
    More critique: (An-niyyah) What do you pray for? For your country? For wealth, to save yourselve from the torture of hellfire? Well then that is what you’re receiving.
    Few are those that pray to Allah. I met a lot of people in my life that found identity in religon (especially in non islamic countries), I met a lot people believing without questioning, just following their ancestors. What kind of reward can they expect? Yet I met three people that are able to recite the Qur’an properly. I never met one single person in whose believe I had trust.
    After colonisation, and after Ben ‘Ali, we face a gap in islamic knowledge of far more than 100 years! I don’t believe there is one single “schaikh” in the classic way. Yes, I do not accept the self appointed salafi “shujukh” as properly acting in harmony with the qur’an instead the keep repeating over and over again some dubious “ahadith” that are more than questionable and in many cases simply made up. But they work well as a threat. And who else could the Tunisians ask?
    Conclusion: A pro “sharia” vote is a product of the helpless situation. Many do, and many more will suffer under the radicalisation of the country. The ongoing salafication is not a step towards true piety. It’s an expression of fear.
    There is no need to be afraid. Inny tawakkaltu ‘ala Allah. fa takhidh hu wakila.
    But first tie your camel properly -then trust in Allah.

    Finally: True believe is born in and out of freedom. What we are witnessing these days is only “lu3b” (play) wa “dhan” (presupposition).
    It’s sad indeed. But I have zero understanding for this new sect that follows “Scheikh ‘Ousama”. It’s a shame!
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery! Non but ourselves free our minds. Have nor fear. Have no fear from their threats! How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? Some say it is just a part of it we’ve got to fulfill the book.
    Kalla le tuti3hum wasjud waqtarib!

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