Italian-Tunisian Partnerships Promote Environment and Renewable Energy Cooperation

By Samia Fitouri | Mar 1 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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An Italian delegation headed by the Italian Minister of Environment, Territory and Sea Corrado Clini visited Tunisia earlier this week to meet with the Tunisian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Riadh Bettaieb as well as the newly-appointed Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Memia Benna.

Corrado Clini and Memia Benna meet to discuss potential avenues for environmental cooperation between Tunisia and Italy

Clini emphasized his country’s willingness to support Tunisia on a bilateral basis as well as within the framework of the European Union’s environmental initiatives.

Memia Benna, called for the reinforcement of cooperation between the two countries – particularly concerning the protection of the Mediterranean, the promotion of clean renewable energy, and the recycling of waste.

Cooperation initiatives will cover a number of areas, including green economy, increasing employment in environmentally friendly sectors, reducing pollution, creating marine reserves, conducting scientific research, and enhancing coordination between environmental organizations in Tunisia and Italy.

The Italian and Tunisian ministers came up with a list of elements that will be  included in the upcoming partnership accord, which will be signed in Rome in the next few weeks. This project will focus on the creation of development plans, the exchange of experience related to environmental development, and the empowerment of Tunisian civil society in implementing eco-friendly initiatives.

Clini and Bettaieb also signed an agreement regarding the development of sustainable energy. This memorandum of  understanding aims at developing solar energy for the benefit of Tunisia’s industrial, agricultural, and domestic construction sectors.

The agreement intends to provide funding for the purpose of reinvigorating the Prosol Plan, an initiative launched in February 2005 between Tunisia and Italy as a means of promoting the production of solar energy in Tunisia.

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