Islamist and Pro-Government Demonstrations Erupt in Capital Area - Tunisia Live Islamist and Pro-Government Demonstrations Erupt in Capital Area - Tunisia Live
Islamist and Pro-Government Demonstrations Erupt in Capital Area


Islamist and Pro-Government Demonstrations Erupt in Capital Area

Islamist protesters demonstrate in Tunis

Approximately 200 Islamist demonstrators gathered in front of the American Embassy today, to denounce U.S. foreign policy as it pertains to the Muslim world. The demonstrators brandished black and white flags emblazoned with the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, raised posters bearing the picture of Osama Bin Laden, and set fire to the American flag.

The protesters condemned recent incidents involving the burning of Qurans by NATO forces in Afghanistan, the continued detention of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay facility, and the perceived aggression of the U.S. against Muslims worldwide.

Islamist demonstrators denounce U.S. foreign policy, burning an American flag in protest

Additionally, roughly 300 demonstrators ascended the steps of the municipal theatre in downtown Tunis today to express their support for the interim government. The demonstration came as a reaction to this weekend's massive protest lead by the UGTT “ Tunisia's most influential union “ which condemned Ennahda's alleged involvement in a series of coordinated acts of vandalism committed against the union's offices around the country.

The demonstrators waved Tunisian flags, sang the national anthem, and lofted signs upon which were written, Do not marginalize the government, Conspiring against the government = Conspiring against the will of the people, Yes to responsible media and a national union. No to brided media and an opportunistic union, among a number of others.

Pro-government demonstrators at the Municipal Theater in downtown Tunis

Under the supervision of the entire world, our elections were determined to be free and fair. Ennahda won these elections fairly “ politics are politics, stated Nourredine Abidi, one of the protesters present at the demonstration.

We've gathered here today to oppose those who are trying to overthrow the legitimately elected government, he added, criticizing both the involvement of the media and the union in polarizing Tunisian society.

Some politicians do not want stability “ they want to see the government fail. We want a clean union, not a union filled with politicians, Abidi concluded.