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    Noted French Journalist on Tunisia Today: “Many Grey Areas Remain”

    By Mischa Benoit-Lavelle | Mar 2 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: French journalism ,Journalism ,journalism in Tunisia ,la regente de carthage ,Nicolas Beau ,

    Author, journalist, and editor Nicolas Beau passed by the office of Tunisia Live to discuss media coverage of Tunisia in general, the ongoing development of the Tunisian press, and the many questions that remain unanswered in Tunisian politics.

    Beau is a former editor of Le Canard Enchaîné and Bakchich and the author of several works on Tunisia, including Notre ami Ben Ali (‘our friend Ben Ali’), which detailed the myriad abuses of the former leader and which was the source of controversy at a time when France was supportive of Tunisia’s regime. The book was enough to get Beau banned by Ben Ali from returning to Tunisia, keeping the journalist out of the country until recently.

    He was back in Tunisia to negotiate the relaunch of the news website Lalettredusud.fr, which will soon move its headquarters to Tunisia. The site offers analysis and reportage from throughout the Maghreb region.

    Beau’s other works include La Régente de Carthage (‘the queen of Carthage’), a written exposé on the systematic corruption of former first lady Leila Trabelsi and her clan, and, most recently, Tunis et Paris: les liaisons dangereuses.

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