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    More Than 4,000 People Descend on Constituent Assembly to Call For Shariaa Law

    By Sana Ajmi | Mar 16 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Thousands of protesters call for shariaa law outside of Tunisia's Constituent Assembly

    Around 4,000 people gathered today in front of the National Constituent Assembly, calling for the implementation of Shariaa law in the new constitution.

    Shariaa is Islamic law derived from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. Shouts of ‘takbir‘ – an affirmation of the greatness of God – and slogans such as “the people want the implementation of Shariaa” and “Islam is coming” could be heard in the tumult.

    Organizers of the protest, members of the Tunisian Front of Islamic Associations, arranged separated sections for men and women, all of whom were demanding the implementation of Shariaa in the constitution.

    Neila Sikhri, a Tunisian citizen participating in the protest, said that she joined the demonstration to support Islam. “We want Shariaa law to be our only source of law. The Tunisian constitution should be inspired from Shariaa law. People do not know the true essence of Shariaa because they have not seen anything about it, so how can they judge it?” she asked.

    Naiima Seghiri, another protester, decried what she perceived as widespread misinformation surrounding the idea of Shariaa. “Shariaa is what we need. It is our salvation. Secularists know so little about Shariaa; they only hear how men are allowed to marry four women or how thieves hands are cut. This is not what Shariaa is about, it is a way of life,” she stated.

    Wissem Souaii said that he is against man-made law because humans cannot rule themselves by the laws they created. “Throughout history, Shariaa has offered so much to human beings. Capitalism is dying; it proved to be a complete failure. We need an alternative – and it is the implementation of Shariaa law,” he declared.

    Souaii went on to decry the principles of Western liberal society. ”Democracy and personal freedoms are all lies, because men cannot rule themselves. Humans’ minds are limited; we do not need law created by the West, which caused people to suffer. Women in the West are suffering under the name of freedom. The proof is that the percentage of divorce is really high,”  Souaii asserted.

    Supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamist party which is legally unrecognized in Tunisia, were also present at the protest.

    One member, who refused to give his name, talked about the caliphate -the state ruled by Islamic law – and how it will be elected by the people. “People are suffering from capitalism because it only widens the gap between rich and poor people. In Wall Street protests, people called for the abolition of this failed system,” he added.

    The Hizb ut-Tahrir member also talked about tourism in Tunisia. “Tourism is not the basis of the Tunisian economy, agriculture is what we need to develop instead,” he stated.

    Habib Jamli, a sociologist and political analyst who claimed to be a supporter of the Ennahda party, said that Shariaa was not new to the Tunisian constitution. “People have the right to protest and express their opinions. However, people also need to know that Shariaa is already present in the constitution,” he said.

    A petition was presented to the head of the National Constituent Assembly, Mustapha Ben Jaafer. Selmane Beriki, spokesperson of the Tunisian Front of Islamic Associations, said, “We delivered a petition to the head of the Constituent Assembly. More than a 100 associations will be calling for Islamic law.”

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      Afif /

      Let me figure out where we stand statisctically! Ten Million people minus 4,000 people = they are a drop in the box = A dog barking at a tree!

    1. Rose of Time /

      No Sharia for Tunisia! Tunisia is the shining star of the Arab world! A place where people could come and visit peacefully. The Muslims of Tunisia are moderate and modern! Sharia law will only make Tunisia a lousy mess of hypocritical religious fanatics. These religious fanatics snuff out the light of happiness and progress in the 21st century!

      I wish we could have a time machine to send all of these people back to the 15th century!

    2. Badr /

      The status of women in Islam is often the target of attacks in the secular media. The ‘hijaab’ or the Islamic dress is cited by many as an example of the ‘subjugation’ of women under Islamic law. Before we analyze the reasoning behind the religiously mandated ‘hijaab’, let us first study the status of women in societies before the advent of Islam
      1. In the past women were degraded and used as objects of lust
      The following examples from history amply illustrate the fact that the status of women in earlier civilizations was very low to the extent that they were denied basic human dignity:
      a. Babylonian Civilization:
      The women were degraded and were denied all rights under the Babylonian law. If a man murdered a woman, instead of him being punished, his wife was put to death.
      c. Greek Civilization:
      Greek Civilization is considered the most glorious of all ancient civilizations. Under this very ‘glorious’ system, women were deprived of all rights and were looked down upon. In Greek mythology, an ‘imaginary woman’ called ‘Pandora’ is the root cause of misfortune of human beings. The Greeks considered women to be subhuman and inferior to men. Though chastity of women was precious, and women were held in high esteem, the Greeks were later overwhelmed by ego and sexual perversions. Prostitution became a regular practice amongst all classes of Greek society.
      d. Roman Civilization:
      When Roman Civilization was at the zenith of its ‘glory’, a man even had the right to take the life of his wife. Prostitution and nudity were common amongst the Romans.
      e. Egyptian Civilization:
      The Egyptian considered women evil and as a sign of a devil.
      f. Pre-Islamic Arabia:
      Before Islam spread in Arabia, the Arabs looked down upon women and very often when a female child was born, she was buried alive.
      2. Islam uplifted women and gave them equality and expects them to maintain their status.
      Islam uplifted the status of women and granted them their just rights 1400 years ago. Islam expects women to maintain their status.
      People usually only discuss ‘hijaab’ in the context of women. However, in the Glorious Qur’an, Allah (swt) first mentions ‘hijaab’ for men before ‘hijaab’ for the women. The Qur’an mentions in Surah Noor:
      “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.”
      [Al-Qur’an 24:30]
      The moment a man looks at a woman and if any brazen or unashamed thought comes to his mind, he should lower his gaze.
      Hijaab for women
      The next verse of Surah Noor, says:
      “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons…”
      [Al-Qur’an 24:31]
      3. Hijaab includes conduct and behaviour among other things
      Complete ‘hijaab’, besides the six criteria of clothing, also includes the moral conduct, behaviour, attitude and intention of the individual. A person only fulfilling the criteria of ‘hijaab’ of the clothes is observing ‘hijaab’ in a limited sense. ‘Hijaab’ of the clothes should be accompanied by ‘hijaab’ of the eyes, ‘hijaab’ of the heart, ‘hijaab’ of thought and ‘hijaab’ of intention. It also includes the way a person walks, the way a person talks, the way he behaves, etc.
      4. Hijaab prevents molestation
      The reason why Hijaab is prescribed for women is mentioned in the Qur’an in the following verses of Surah Al-Ahzab:
      “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad); that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
      [Al-Qur’an 33:59]
      The Qur’an says that Hijaab has been prescribed for the women so that they are recognized as modest women and this will also prevent them from being molested.
      5. Example of twin sisters
      Suppose two sisters who are twins, and who are equally beautiful, walk down the street. One of them is attired in the Islamic hijaab i.e. the complete body is covered, except for the face and the hands up to the wrists. The other sister is wearing western clothes, a mini skirt or shorts. Just around the corner there is a hooligan or ruffian who is waiting for a catch, to tease a girl. Whom will he tease? The girl wearing the Islamic Hijaab or the girl wearing the skirt or the mini? Naturally he will tease the girl wearing the skirt or the mini. Such dresses are an indirect invitation to the opposite sex for teasing and molestation. The Qur’an rightly says that hijaab prevents women from being molested.
      6. Capital punishment for the rapists
      Under the Islamic shariah, a man convicted of having raped a woman, is given capital punishment. Many are astonished at this ‘harsh’ sentence. Some even say that Islam is a ruthless, barbaric religion! I have asked a simple question to hundreds of non-Muslim men. Suppose, God forbid, someone rapes your wife, your mother or your sister. You are made the judge and the rapist is brought in front of you. What punishment would you give him? All of them said they would put him to death. Some went to the extent of saying they would torture him to death. To them I ask, if someone rapes your wife or your mother you want to put him to death. But if the same crime is committed on somebody else’s wife or daughter you say capital punishment is barbaric. Why should there be double standards?
      7. Western society falsely claims to have uplifted women
      Western talk of women’s liberalization is nothing but a disguised form of exploitation of her body, degradation of her soul, and deprivation of her honour. Western society claims to have ‘uplifted’ women. On the contrary it has actually degraded them to the status of concubines, mistresses and society butterflies who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers, hidden behind the colorful screen of ‘art’ and ‘culture’.
      8. USA has one of the highest rates of rape
      United States of America is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries of the world. It also has one of the highest rates of rape in any country in the world. According to a FBI report, in the year 1990, every day on an average 1756 cases of rape were committed in U.S.A alone. Later another report said that on an average everyday 1900 cases of rapes are committed in USA. The year was not mentioned. May be it was 1992 or 1993. May be the Americans got ‘bolder’ in the following years.
      Consider a scenario where the Islamic hijaab is followed in America. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brazen or unashamed thought comes to his mind, he lowers his gaze. Every woman wears the Islamic hijaab, that is the complete body is covered except the face and the hands upto the wrist. After this if any man commits rape he is given capital punishment. I ask you, in such a scenario, will the rate of rape in America increase, will it remain the same, or will it decrease?
      9. Implementation of Islamic Shariah will reduce the rate of rapes
      Naturally as soon as Islamic Shariah is implemented positive results will be inevitable. If Islamic Shariah is implemented in any part of the world, whether it is America or Europe, society will breathe easier. Hijaab does not degrade a woman but uplifts a woman and protects her modesty and chastity.

      • Skander /

        This is going to be a shock for you, but brace yourself. The Quran is not from God. Anyone could say God is talking to them, and thousands of people have. But God would not be stupid enough to send no proof or send stupidity found in Quran, such as God has spread the world like a carpet, or stars are missiles to shoot Jinn, or repeat the absurd myths of the Bible like story of Noah. Science has proven that Adam and Eve is nothing but a myth. Also Civilization is 7,000 years old, Monotheism came only 3,000 years ago in one very small tribe in Israel. So a God that is so obsessed with worship that anyone who does not worship him five times a day would go to Hell, but had no problem with 5,000 years of no one even hearing he exists? The absurdities are huge.On top of that you know Quran is not equal to women. Can woman go get a divorce? Can women beat their husbands if they are not obedient or responsible? I know you’re so brainwashed that nothing can convince you how stupid the Quran is, but stop lying.

      • skander /

        Your list is full of lies. Ancient Egypt respected women greatly and were considered equals. If that was false, how come most powerful Queens in history were Egyptian? Pre-Islamic Arabia also respected woman more than Islam. Mohamed hated woman because he resented how it was Khadija who controlled him while she was married with him. She was rich and powerful and he was her young boy toy. Also comparing Islam to backward ancient civilization is just stupid, no one is trying to bring back Ancient Roman civillization. Hijab does not reduce rape. Rape is not caused because a man needs sex,but a perverted desire of control and power. Most rapists already had girl friends and were attractive looking people. And for those who were ugly would simply go to prostitutes before going out to rape for sex. Also most rapes were from family members and are rarely reported, and that is huge in the Islamic world. Your Quran is a book of contradictions, myths, and absurdities, keep that stupidty to yourself as Muslims are mostly brainwashed zombies.

    3. Bekay /

      When some opponents of Sharia say Tunisians want to be “moderate” Muslims, I do wish they would have the courage to say what they mean. For me, this term means someone who practises Islam in a moderate fashion, i.e. follows some of it but doesn’t try to follow all of it. And the “moderate” is therefore the sole arbiter of which parts of Islam they choose to follow and which parts they choose not to, for example: prohibition of pork, yes; prohibition of alcohol, no; obligation of fasting Ramadan, yes; obligation of fasting 5 times daily, no.

      Then I have to ask myself, what’s the point? If someone’s adherence to a belief system is solely based on their own desires and conveniences then surely this is a fundamental contradiction to the very credal basis of Islam, i.e. that of submission to your Creator.

      The moderates criticise those calling for Sharia as being “extremists”, i.e. they take their belief to the extreme and without compromise. But surely the criticism should flow more naturally in the opposite direction, i.e. the “extremists” who are actually adhering to their beliefs have more right to feel aggrieved at the “moderates” who call for a dilution of the creed.

      The accusation against the extremists is that they take their Islam too seriously and they want everyone else to agree to their particular world view. Well at least the extremists have the courage of their conviction to stand up and say this openly. Those that disagree hide behind the safety of labelling themselves as “moderate” when in reality they should have similar courage to stand up and declare that they don’t take their Islam very seriously, they feel it should only be followed on the basis of personal convenience and that they think everybody else should agree with this particular world view.

      Not so different from the extremists after all it would seem; just more hypocritical.

      • Skander /

        That is why we need to get rid of Islam. It’s natural state is evil and destructive while it’s reformed or “moderate” state is just hypocritical. We don’t believe in sex slaves (or any kind of slavery), pedophilia, wife beating, fighting non believers until they pay tribute Quran 9.29) Murdering apostates, stoning for sexual crimes, that a man who gets 11 wives murders his opponents, marries a 9 year old, rapes the wives of slain opponents and makes them sex slaves is the best person who ever lived. We don’t believe in all this crap so why do we still believe in Islam which is all this crap?

          • skander /

            I love when Muslims write and show everybody how stupid they are. Islam is a very destructive and horrific religion, but the one good thing about Islam is that Mohamed was so narccistic he created a religion that can not succeed without him. It is an extremely contradictory and violent text with no rule of governorship. That is why Muslims are so quick to fight and kill each other when they can’t fight non-Muslims. Mohamed’s own family and friends started killing each other only 25 years after his death. I hate Islam not because it has a chance to conquer the world, but it’s a religion that causes so much hate and suffering.

          • skander /

            I want all you “moderate” Muslims to see how Quantum did not feel a need to defend Islam from the accusations I gave it. Such as having sex slaves, pedophilia, etc.The reason because he is an evil person who likes Islam because it’s an evil religion. That is why Islam does very well in America’s prison system and with losers who like random violence. It gives evil people a purpose to do their stupid acts of destruction.

    4. Martin /

      Almost on Topic:
      Sometimes I wonder is democracy of any good? My premise is that Tunisians are badly educated, in religion as well as in all other fields.

      So I see 10 Million people arguing fussing and figthing. One screams (in a bad dialect, with shamefuly bad pronunciation): “la li Ni9aab” (No to Niqaab) The next one screams “La lil zeena” (no to unlawful sex), they scream and shout. They screamed and shouted so long they forgot what they where shouting for.
      The word democracy is derieved from the two Greek words “demos” =rule and “kratos” =people. Together these two words from the one word Democracy (in modern english of course, we’re not too scientific here, it’s rather a chat where we don’t have to take precise care of every single detail, do we? ;) which means “rule of the people”.
      This might comes as a suprise to my -especially in politics- hardly educated friends in Tunsia, but there are many forms of democracy.
      There is presidantial,semi presidential, constitutional and many more categories.
      Which kind of democracy is there in Tunisia?
      I myself don’t know it “ad hoc”.
      But in general I want to question the idea of a “rule of the people”.
      Let’s make it short. Tunisians never had to govern/rule themselves. So they have little to no experience in that.
      My doubts on democracy rose when I was watching TV. There was a tricky question asked to the a crowd of people in a TV Show. 98% guessed wrong.
      Tunisia -in my opinion- is not ripe for democracy. They don’t even know what they are voting for. They just buy in to nonsense. To a charismatic leader, to a dramtic act, to some authority…
      But honestly if the few educated people in Tunisia are talking most of the Tunisians can not follow them. They simply would not understand, they can hardly read, they never read a book. They never took deep interest in anything. They were just making sure their silly interest are realized (the biggest piece of meat on the table is mine,if my younger sister of brother takes it I’ll harras them when our parents are away and so on. Yes Tunisians are fighting over a piece of meat, it’s sad)
      I noticed that when I got moked for speaking standard arabic. Oh he speaks “fus7a” people laughed at me.
      I didn’t. I was just a beginner. Then I slowly started understanding what people are talking about in their everyday discours. I found out it wasn’ only non-sense but also their grammar and way of talking was absolutely bad. Many Tunisians can’t express themselves. They lack interet in subjects as well as the tools (language) to express themselves.
      I pitty them. I really do.
      Yet I find Tunisians very charming. But please – talking about governance and democracy should be the task of a chosen few. “Ash-sh3ab youreed” -”The people demand” one of the strongest slogans of the revolution and the arab spring becomes so meaningless considering that they are just a bunch of fools (excuse the word).
      They are like childreen. “But mommy I want another ice cream, I wanna watch more TV, I don’t wanna go to school”.
      Their demands are simply bad for themselves.

      The more I think about Tunisia I know how privilged I am. I am averadgly educated for an european. I eat whatever I want. It’s not caviar all day, nor champagne. Yes I have financial limits. I don’t drink from a golden cup. But I don’t have to fight over a piece of meat.

      Berthold Brecht a german playwright and author from the 1st half of the 20th century is still famous for saying “Vor der Moral kommt das fressen” Before morality can be realized, hunger needs to be abolished”

      I still remember one Tunisian lying straight into my face that the Tunisian revoltion was about freedom, equal rights and blaw blaw. It wasn’t. It is and was about food.
      So we are in my opinion in a tricky situatian. Hungry people fill the streets.
      Are you hungry? No I just eat what is left and then I drink a glas of water and “hamdoola”. I remmeber one Tunisian saying to his mother.
      A glas of water. Tunisians need more than that. Much more.
      Tunisians don’t need democracy. 98% don’t even know what democracy is exactly.
      It’s just a term they use. It stands for something, that shall feed them. Give them more ice cream, let them watch more TV and lets them skip school. like kis they scream and shout.
      I really am concerned about the Tunisians. A people unable to govern themselves. 4,000 recogniced that and called for God. They replaced the the word democracy for the term “Shari3a”. Another word they put their hopes into.There’s no differnce it’s just a word, a fancy. A cypher for thier hopes and dreams. A wish for something they can’t even name.
      Julia Batros is asking “ween al malayeen” in a more or less famous song.
      I am asking where are the chosen few, that are willing and able to govern these millions. Governs these millions and not just caring about their own selfish interst (like Ben ‘Ali and the likes).
      Give them bread. Enough to fil their stomachs. Then they can start occuping their minds with furter questions.
      “Ash-sha3b al 3arbiy ween?” It’s hungry, (a) broken (rock), starving. (by the way the term the arab people is dubious nationalist bullshit as well, especially in Tunisia, just my opinion I’m free to express it)
      “Vor der Moral kommt das fressen.” The Tunisian people is hungry. Hungry more than ever before, Don’t give them ice cream, don’t let them occupy their minds with too much TV. Send them to school.
      Thanks for reading.

      • Kusaila /

        Wisdom of the crowd (i.e., people vote) works when individuals are rational in their decision making. Unfortunately, the Tunisian educational system has been failing in producing critical thinkers, enabling a simple pseudo exercise in choosing a representative yield to mediocrity instead as the masses are easily manipulated with emotions, misplaced nationalism, deceptive religious vodoos and alike of mobilizing tools.

        Sadly, we will have to go through a major reform of the educational system and a couple of generations before we can witness true democracy in Tunisia.

      • Khaled /

        Wow Martin. German….? How the hell did you guys lose the war; such an educated race? Ah, yes, Hitler; you guys democratically elected him, nicht?
        You should leave Brecht alone and read Martin Luther King (the black one); you may be able to understand that even hungry and uneducated people have it.
        Your diatribe would really appeal to some Neanderthals who still think that apartheid and colonialism are good.
        Do not worry about us; we will do fine thanks.

    5. OooKhalid /

      It is funny how educated simpletons fallaciously equate secularism with modernity and moderation. Secularism has failed the Muslim world dismally in the post-colonial era (approx. for the past half a century).

      The only reason these secular elite could rule for so long was becasue the former colonizers groomed and placed them in power, in a mostly undemocratic and poorly educated society, before they physically departed.
      I say physically departed, becasue from reading this comments section it is clear they still rule strong in the minds of present day third-world naive secularists. Our very own MacLauren’s children.

      • Skander /

        Secularism is one part of liberty, Tunisia was not completely secular, to brainwashed kids at young ages by lying to them and telling the Quran has miracles which it doesn’t. Then when they get older they lie to them and say evolution is not true and all those scientists and thousands of empirical evidence is false because this book of contradictions and myths says so. Other than that, Tunisia did ignore most Islamic laws, especially the crazy ones that make society crap. Tunisia’s system failed because it had a dictatorship that slowed economic growth to prevent competition and economic liberty so his family could get disgustingly rich. Secularism had nothing to do with Tunisia’s failure, it was economic policy. As for Islamic rule by definition that is a dictatorship. You need a council to decide what’s Islamic or not, and you obviously can’t question the truth of Islam so they will again rule the country using religion. Like in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc. People have been using religion for power and that is why people created it. Mohamed used Islam to get 11 wives, immense power, sex with almost whoever he wants, and everything a desert barbarian wants. Future people will want to do the same thing and use religion to gain power. People who follow them simply because of their religion are nothing but sheep ready for the slaughter for their masters by being promised a Heaven that does not exist. It’s very sad and evil, and the cycle must stop.


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    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

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    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live

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