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    Volkswagen and Ford in Negotiations to Launch Two Automotive Plants in Tunisia

    By Hend Hassassi | Mar 20 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

    Tags: Ford ,Foreign Investment ,Riadh Bettaieb ,Tunisian minister of investment and international cooperation ,Volkswagen

    The Tunisian Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation is in discussions with Volkswagen and Ford to build manufacturing plants in Tunisia according to Riadh Bettaieb, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation.

    “We are currently negotiating with Volkswagen and Ford to launch a major car industrialization project  in Tunisia,” declared Bettaieb in an interview on local radio station Express FM.

    Bettaieb also announced that the pledged foreign investment for Tunisia in 2012 is an 80% increase over the foreign direct investment attracted to Tunisia in 2010.

    “The statistics for January and February 2012 are really good compared to the statistics for those months in the two previous years. We have a 4% increase in foreign direct investment [for those two months], mostly in manufacturing and food product production,” asserted Bettaieb.

    Bettaieb also noted that while no progress has been made in attracting investors to the textile sector this particular sector has great potential to expand. “Tunisia has expertise and experience in textile manufacturing which needs to be explored in a better way,” said Bettaieb.

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