Fusion of Centrist Parties to Create a New Force in Tunisian Politics

By Asma Ghribi | Apr 2 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Social Democratic Path, a new party which brings together Ettajdid movement, independents from Democratic Modernist Pole and Tunisian Labor Party

In the wake of the wave of mergers among Tunisian political parties, a new party named the Social Democratic Path (SDP) was created yesterday bringing together Ettajdid Party, the Tunisian Labor Party (TLP) and independents from the Democratic Modernist Pole (PDM).

The Tunisian Press Agency TAP reported that the national leadership of the newly created party includes National Constituent Assembly members Ahmed Brahim and Samir Battaib as president and official spokesperson respectively. The position of the executive Secreatary General was ceded to the independent figure from the PDM, Riadh Ben Fadhl.
This new initiative aims at unifying the democratic centrist forces, stated Abd Jalil Bedoui, formerly spokesperson of the Tunisian Labor Party and currently the vice president of the Social Democratic Path (SDP).
 This idea was prompted by the results of last October's election which proved that the Tunisian political scene suffers from a deep discrepancy, the centrist parties and independents list could have done better said Bedoui.
The discussions that involved six centrist parties started right after the election – we were six political parties. Afek Tounes, the Republican Party and the Progressive Democratic Party came together under the umbrella of PDP and here we are now forming this new party, he explained.
The opinions of the parties diverged over one point which is whether they should create a new party with a new leadership or whether they should go under one of the parties.
Bedoui stated that this initiative is open and wide-ranging. This is only a prelude to a bigger inclusive party. We will not exclude any centrist tendency, he asserted.
Bedoui announced that the discussions are still ongoing with the PDP and that a new party that will unify the major centrist parties will come into light by next May.


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