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    Tunisia Condemns Attacks in Gaza

    By Farah Samti | Nov 15 2012 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Many Tunisians denounced the assault against civilians in Gaza following bloody rocket exchanges between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Force. The clashes resulted in the death of 15 Palestinians and three Israelis, including civilians and military personnel.

    The recent violence sparked a wave of interactions on social networks, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Worldwide internet users were sharing both concerns and updates about the situation in the Gaza Strip.

    While a significant number of Tunisians protested the latest escalation online, about 100 protesters gathered today, November 15, in the main thoroughfare of downtown Tunis in order to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

    Protesters waved Palestinian flags and held signs that condemned the attacks against civilians. Some of the signs read, “No Hamas, No Fatah, Palestine is what matters,” “Stop the Assault on Gaza,” and “Palestine does not bleed, it donates blood to restore Arab dignity.” They were also chanting “people want the liberation of Palestine.” Some protesters held the Syrian flag as a sympathizing gesture towards the Syrian people.

    Additionally, the official spokesperson of the Tunisian Presidency stated in a press release that the Tunisian people send prayers and condolences to Palestinians after the loss of their “brave martyrs.” The communique considered the Israeli attacks as unjustifiable and unfair. It further accused the Israeli government of an unwillingness to strive for peace in the region by committing such crimes. The Tunisian president expressed his continuous support to Palestinians in their “fight for legitimate rights.”

    Ennahdha, the ruling party, issued a press release condemning what they described as “continuous Zionist savage crimes committed against our brothers and sisters in Gaza and throughout Palestine.”

    Abdelhamid Jlassi, deputy chairman of the Ennahdha party, called Tunisian political parties and representatives of the civil society to show solidarity with the Palestinian people by protesting peacefully on Friday, November 16.

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      angela /

      Palestine o Palestine why does no body who can mage real change see this countries plight. Just like the South Africans who were murdered for years by an outside people in search of diamonds and oil……Again the world stands by.

      nice to hear the government of tunisia issuing words of support to the Palestinian people…I am sure every supportive word or gesture helps…..How sad though that the same government is yet to issue a sentiment to the people of Mail who are getting slaughtered in the same region of Africa….odd that…..yet is it.

      I really hope that the governments around the world put pressure on Israel and pressure like sanctions etc that they give to other countries so that the Israeli people get angry and put pressure on their government to stop this never ending slaughter…

    1. JLA /

      Well, I’m disappointed, but not surprised at the very biased perspective of many Tunisians, unfortunately, including the president of the Republic. My understanding from their ‘condolences’ would be that our hearts are with the Palestinians who (unfortunately) lost loved ones, but who also instigated the whole affair via the well-known terrorist group Hamas. We feel no sorrow for the Israelis who died even though they were attacked.

      In other words, the protest against is very, very biased and selective meaning that people who hold this perspective are not truly for peace. If they were, they would very LOUDLY condemn the heinous terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas, the terrorist organization voted in by Palestinian people. However, I’m SURE that if Tunis was attacked by Al Qaeda from Algeria via hundreds of rockets on CIVILIAN populations, they would, rightfully, react to defend their people. So, Israel has the right to defend herself against unwarranted attacks of Hamas (and also Iran). If Israel defends well against those bent on violence and destruction (Hamas) then perhaps (hopefully) there will be a much longer peace because there will be less of Hamas to use the Palestinian people for their selfish desires.

      My 2 cents. :)

      • zollat /

        what a laughable argument….”I’m SURE that if Tunis was attacked by Al Qaeda from Algeria…”

        Tunisia is not occupying any land for more than 60 years…Tunisia is not doing collective punishment to millions of people by blockading them and cutting their food, water and electricity. Tunisia is not shooting kids who play soccer next to a wall. Tunisia is not denying the principle right of an entire people to exist. Tunisia is not setting road blocks to humiliate people and force them to wait 4 hours for a 5 minute walk between 2 illegal colonies. Tunisia is not assassinating kids and women bathing on a beach by firing tank shells at them. Tunisia is not a rogue terrorist country like Israel….Therefore I support the Palestinians in their rightful quest to liberate their land – by ALL means possible.

        • JLA /

          Hi Zollat,

          Let’s get a little perspective, shall we?

          “Tunisia is not occupying any land for more than 60 years” — If you have any inkling of history, you would know that this land (more of it, actually) was given to Israel by God via Abraham in Genesis. Once they got the land, the ISRAELIS lived there for more than 2,000 years including 2 temples until the OCCUPIERS, the Arabs came killing via Mohammed’s army, right? You are aware of this, aren’t you? Why on earth are are ARABS in Palestine? Only by force. So, that would make the Palestinian population OCCUPIERS, wouldn’t it?

          “Tunisia is not doing collective punishment to millions of people by blockading them and cutting their food, water and electricity…etc” Hey, I’m for Palestine having their own state and so is Israel, BUT the Palestinians have not shown that they are truly interested in peace. When they elected the terrorist group Hamas to power, they sent a message that they are not really serious about peace. They are serious about whining and complaining about it, but they are not serious about it. There is simply no dealing with a group that is only committed to your destruction. In other words, how much effort would you make to sit down and negotiate peace with an enemy from your neighborhood who publicly swore to your destruction and never changed their destructive perspective, all the while physically assaulted you? That would be foolish, huh? Well, I doubt that Tunis would negotiate with a group (like Al Qaeda) who would be only interested in Tunisia’s destruction.

          “Therefore I support the Palestinians in their rightful quest to liberate their land – by ALL means possible.” — This means that you support rockets to be fired at innocent people so they will be killed to support the ’cause’ via violence and killing. Well, my friend, I hope you can see that you are an advocate for violence, not peace. And, violence never solves anything.

          I support the right for any country, including Israel, to defend its citizens from murderous terrorist acts as should you. Because, if there is a day when terrorists have more of a presence in Tunis, you may want to have a government that cares enough about its citizens to protect them….or maybe you wouldn’t want this service.

          More 2 cents. ;)

    2. Faris /


      Many people and governments across the world consider Israeli governments past and present to be terrorist governments for continuing their ulawful occupation and subjugation of the Palestinain indigenous population. Who gives you the right to pass judgement on others while others can’t pass judgement on you? Is this born from the racist Zionist ideology or is it based on the “chosen children” mentality?

      You ask if one has any knowledge of history they would know that the land was given away in genesis. I don’t wan’t to get into the whole actual history vs. faith/belief arguement with you so I’ll go along with you but will add a few intersting points. As a matter of fact some people believe that the world is 6000 years old and humans were walking with dinosaurs. I guess it makes it historical fact from their point of view also.

      First of all there were Philistines living on the land before the Jews arrived and from what your belief tells us they were slaughterd by the incoming invaders.

      Second, you seem to imply that the current day Palestinians are foreigners who came with the Muslims. Could they not be indigenous people who converted from other faith, maybe even Judaism? How about Palestine also being the land of Christianity? Where did all the Christians come from? Were they also foreign invaders? Why are the most important Christian religious sites located in Jerusalem?

      There seems to be many holes in your argument and I wonder whether you actually believe in what you say or it’s just more of the old Zionist racist propaganda that has been spewed for decades?

      • JLA /

        Hi Faris,

        Acknowledging historical facts that may work in favor of one people or another is absolutely NOT RACIST, so you comments in this vein are rejected and out of place. Now, based on Biblical history (which you may be rejecting) the land was given to the Jews (actually a whole lot more than they currently have) so that the Promised One could come to the WHOLE WORLD, not just to the Jews. Given this then, their presence there is clearly NOT occupation. You may reject this, but you will be rejecting established history (and God’s blessing). The faith/belief argument is central to a healthy, unbiased understanding. Rejecting this means rejecting a clear understanding of the issue.

        You are right…there were Philistines living there before Israel arrived to take what was promised to her via Abraham which might have been before the Philistines got there. Most of them were destroyed so it’s highly unlikely there are many TRUE Philistines today. We know the Arabs invaded and began abusing and occupying shortly after Mohammed started Islam. This is history. So, since the people living in Palestine call themselves Arabs we can conclude that they are Arabs who ultimately came from outside=foreigners and occupiers.

        The Christians came there largely through salvation in Jesus via many backgrounds including Jewish and Greek and Roman and Arabs and many others that were there around the first and second century AD or so. I have never heard of a mass movement of Christians to Israel in which they stayed long term. Does that help?

        Yes, I absolutely believe what I say because I believe God who has shown that He is Truth. However what I am getting from you is a justification of killing civilians by terrorist Hamas but a condemning of defending by Israel in which they actually strive to NOT hit civilians. This is hypocrisy. Do you see that and are you comfortable with this? It would also be racist against the Jewish people. Are you comfortable promoting racism? Do you need evidence that Israel tries to minimize civilian casualties while Hamas tries to maximize them, or do you believe this?


    3. bob /

      Tunisian has its own ethnic cleansing of its Jewish Tunisian indigenous berber population… Gaza i launching its rockets mostly at North African- Tunisian and Moroccan Jews.

    4. Afif /

      My prayers are witht families of the innocent civilians who have died on both sides. They are the losers at the end of the story, if it ever ends.

      Now! The Tunisian goverment needs to stop using the Palestinian question and take care of its own problems at home.


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    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live

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