NCA Members Deny Rumors of No-Confidence Motion

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Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki

Members of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) denied that a motion of no confidence in President Moncef Marzouki has been presented to the NCA.

Such a motion could have removed him from office.

Samir Ben Amor, a counselor to Marzouki and member of the Congress for the Republic party, characterized reports of such a motion as “lies.”

No deliberation has taken place over a possible no confidence vote, and the NCA has been bogged down in discussions of Article 22 of a draft law establishing an election oversight board known by its acronym ISIE, said Najib Mrad, an Ennahdha member of the NCA.

“All the information relayed in political and media circles on this subject are mere presumptions and don’t deserve at all this media coverage,” Sahbi Attig, president of the Ennahdha bloc in the NCA, told TAP.

Rumors that Ennahdha had submitted a motion of no confidence rose to prominence following Marzouki’s speech on Friday, November 30, when he called for a smaller, more efficient government that would be composed of skilled technocrats. The speech came in the aftermath of a wave of unrest that shook the southwestern town of Siliana and left a toll of over 200 injured.

The president’s proposal for a reshuffle of the interim government was met with general skepticism.

Minister of Transitional Justice and Human Rights Samir Dilou said on Saturday, December 1, that Marzouki’s speech “contained several serious and dangerous points that will be discussed within the government in the coming hours,” reported TAP.

“The country is waiting for the elections in June,” said Mrad. “It’s not time for change. We can change one or two [ministers], but not all of them.”

Amira Masrour contributed to reporting

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