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Protesters show solidarity with Gaza in downtown Tunis on November 16

Israel has banned Tunisian Ambassador to the Palestine Lotfi Mellouli from returning to Ramallah and resuming his functions at the Tunisian Embassy there.

The prime minister’s office denounced yesterday the move by Israel.

“This provocative action occurs as a response to the visit of a high-level Tunisian delegation to the Gaza Strip to support the Palestinian people,” read an official statement from the prime minister’s office.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Rafik Abdessalem visited Gaza on November 17 where he denounced Israeli airstrikes and the destruction of a Tunisian primary school in the strip.

“This will not deter Tunisia from continuing its support to the Palestinian until they build their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,” continued the same statement.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of the Arab world and Africa Abdallah Triki, the Tunisian ambassador was on his way to Ramallah from Jordan’s capital, Amman, when his entry was prevented.

“He is now in Amman in a hotel waiting for the Palestinian authorities to settle the situation and find a solution,” said Triki.

He added, “If the Palestinian authorities aren’t able to solve the problem, we will be obliged to bring our ambassador back to Tunisia.”

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  1. michael says:

    Rafik Abdessalem does it again puts his foot in his mouth and expects to be treated with all of the diplomatic conventions. Proceeds to visit Gaza, well known for its peace loving leader who adores the new missile decor as his backdrop for speeches. Insists that the PLA abandon any peace treaties with Israel and promises that he will liberate every single inch of Palestine. The leaders are also aligned with the Assad regime ( known for killing a few thousand innocent civilians) who housed and protected his stay in Syria for many years. These are wonderful characters for Tunisia to seek out in brotherly love. Never mind that Tunisia needs the Western countries for support but to add insult to injury, embrace our Hamas brotherhood at all costs. The only thing that is missing for Abdessalem is some wild sunglasses, tailored uniforms with African labels, some cocaine induced speeches, and of course his love of the Palestinian cause. Guess who? So when you play with the Tiger don’t complain when he bites you. This Tunisian government is on the same path as Morsi. We all know that the wolf has already shown his true colors by his recent moves to improve democracy in Egypt. It is time for Tunisia to wake up and focus on Tunisia. Replace Rafik Abdessalem with a true diplomat who has some vision and is not caught up in the traditional straight jacket mentality.


  2. Adel says:

    As a matter of course Jerusalem will be a shared capital for Arab(Palestinians) and Jew(Israeli’s) if ever moderate politicians of both camps agree. Moreover The Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs has every right to emphasize the right of Palestinians to their Jerusalem as their rightful Capital…( he Mark)Nonsense to criticize him for being “tactless”, especially that existing Israeli rulers are being damn stubborn all the way by continuing to build new settlements: entire villages and towns on Palestinian land…That’s blatant highway robbery for you!

    • mark says:

      The ambassador has a different role to that of the members of the public. Diplomacy!!!! thats why he gets all his perks he is supposed to be a step removed from the crowd. Does he not understand that these comments bring Tunisia in line with some fundamentalist groups….Yet Tunisia’s government keep stating it moderate …..especially when asking for money from many countries who deal with Israel one way or another…..The messages are deliberately confusing. I dont agree with Israel but they have rights just as Tunisia does. None of this benefits the Palestinian people.

  3. mark says:

    if the Tunisian ambassador makes comments like Jerusalem as the capitol what does he expect….idiot …As the ambassador he is supposed to show some decorum and tact. Would Tunisia let someone enter that country who makes inflammatory comments like that…someone should tell him loose lips sink ships…..in these delicate time for the Palestinian people does he show any regret for engaging mouth before thinking…Did tunisia just recently state a no communication with Israel…..amateurs. As usual people use that situation to make names for themselves.

    Israel was wrong for doing that but maybe they think its a bit of payback for loud mouth politicians

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