• Tunisian Parties Prepare for Second Anniversary of Revolution

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    Raising of the Tunisian flag at the Kasbah square this morning

    In preparation for today’s celebration of the second anniversary of the January 14 revolution, multiple parties have taken the initiative to hold their own events.

    Three opposition parties – the Popular Front, Al Joumhouri Party, and the Democratic Path (Al Massar) – gathered yesterday, January 13, to celebrate under the slogan, civil and democratic forces resist all violence to complete the revolutionary path.

    The celebration began at midday on Habib Bourguiba avenue, Tunis’ main thoroughfare that witnessed massive protests two years ago. It had a cultural twist with stage performances and graffiti art included in the program in addition to the presence of civil societies organizations setting up tents on the main avenue.

    The three parties stressed that they were only celebrating the ouster of former Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. The revolution does not warrant celebration, according to them, since its most essential demands remain unanswered two years later.

    Hamma Hammami, spokesperson of the Popular Front and leader of the Workers' Party, informed Tunisia Live of a march that will take place today on Habib Bourguiba avenue. Popular Front representatives as well as civil societies' members aim to shed light on the revolution’s unfulfilled goals.

    It is reasonable to celebrate the freedom people took back from Ben Ali, yet it is important to evoke the unanswered questions of unestablished accountability and the exacerbation of [consumer] prices blocking our political path, Hammami told Tunisia Live.

    Najib Gharbi, a press attaché of the ruling Ennahdha party, disagreed with their stance and asserted that the revolution has already borne its fruits.

    “We have created a space for dialogue [the National Constituent Assembly] for the entire spectrum of society,” Gharbi said.

    “For the first time since Ben Ali, Tunisia was finally able to guarantee stability using a social pact, not the police force,” he added.

    Nidaa Tounes party, considered to be Ennahdha’s most prominent political opponent, in coalition with the Socialist Left and the National Labor parties is organizing a celebratory march today on the Habib Bourguiba avenue. The march aims to express the attendants’ commitment to a peaceful democratic transition.

    The Ministry of the Interior answered favorably to requests made all over the country to hold festive events on the occasion of the revolution’s second anniversary on the condition that organizers comply with pre-established routes for their marches and schedules for the celebrations, TAP reported. The ministry urged all organizers to respect security measures and not disturb public safety for the events to be successful.

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    1. please spend the money on giving to the people something practical like food parcels or money something that can make a difference. After all what is there really to celebrate for the man or woman in the street.