New York Fundraising Concert to Help Tunisian Child Care Association

By Roua Seghaier | Jan 21 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Mediterranean music to be performed at the New York Benefit Concert

In the aftermath of the January 14 revolution, Tunisian civil society has grown active within the country as well as abroad. A newly-created non-profit organization, the Tunisian Network for a Successful Society (TUNESS), is organizing a fundraising concert on February 10 in New York city.

The event will feature Flamenco duo Maya De Silva and Nadia Zouabi, world-renowned violinist Yasmine Azaiez, accordionist Cory Pesaturo as well as a selection of Andalusian and Mediterranean musical performances.

TUNESS aims to promote Tunisia’s cultural heritage and reinforce steps towards an intellectually, socially, and economically successful society as well as help needy Tunisians.

All of the proceeds from the event will go to Dar Al Amel (House of Hope) Association, which takes care of babies born out of wedlock.

“We have previously donated to Dar Al Amel, and a few of our members have actually visited the site, talked to the director, and seen some of the babies, so we trust that it is a serious organization,” Moez Hababou, TUNESS member, told Tunisia Live.

The children are looked over by nurses during the first years of their lives in the hope that their legal situation is settled in this period. When they reach two years of age, the children are taken back by their biological parents whom the organization seeks to marry and help in finding employment. If the parents do not take back the baby, the mother signs a document for child abandonment thereby putting their offspring up for adoption.

The nobility of the cause was key in TUNESS’ choice of the fundraiser’s beneficiary.

“These little babies, through no fault of their own, have suddenly no home, no family, and Dar Al Amel tries to fill that gap,” Hababou explained.

Dar Al Amel is currently experiencing funding difficulties due to a decrease in the financial capacities of the single sponsor it currently has. This shortage does not only endanger the 17 children in the association’s care but also the personnel, who are at risk of unemployment.

“The fundraiser comes at a crucial time for the organization since we have lost funding stability and are now surviving on donations,” Rafiqa Ben Youssef, Dar Al Amal’s director, told Tunisia Live.

The funds will be transferred to Dar Al Amel’s bank account shortly after the concert, and additional donations will be accepted within two weeks’ time of the concert.

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