Tunisian Government Accuses France of Political Interference

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French Ambassador Gouyette meets Friday with Prime Minister Jebali and Foreign Affairs Minister Abdessalem (Courtesy of Abdessalem’s Facebook page)

Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali and Foreign Affairs Minister Rafik Abdessalem reprimanded Franà§ois Gouyette, French ambassador to Tunisia, for alleged French interference in the country’s internal affairs during a meeting yesterday.

The meeting followed remarks made by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls Thursday related to the assassination of Tunisian opposition politician Chokri Belaid.

The Tunisian government took issue with Valls' call for support to the ˜democratic' opposition in Tunisia, according to Abdessalem's Facebook page.

Chokri Belaid was one of those democrats, who are fighting for values that are universal, said Valls in an interview with French radio Europe 1. We must support these democrats so that the values of the Jasmine Revolution will not be betrayed.

Both Jebali and Abdessalem expressed displeasure with Valls' reference to rising Islamic fascism in North Africa as well as his claim that Tunisia does not represent a model for countries of the Arab Spring.

There is a rising Islamic fascism everywhere, but the darkness must be condemned because it obviously denies the democracy for which the Libyan, Tunisian, and Egyptian people fought, said Valls in the radio interview.

The meeting between Gouyette, Jebali, and Abdessalem occurred on the same day that a funeral procession for Belaid drew thousands to the capital Tunis.

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    What about new French communism destroying the fabric of capitalism in the old Europe. Tunisia has been benefiting as has Belgium, UK from the wave of capital outflows from France.

    The “so called” Islamists support free-market capitalism and are more moderate than many Republicans in the US.

    The government has been facing attacks from extreme Salafists on its right and unions tied to the Ben Ali regime on its left.

    The murder of Belaid is a tragedy for all Tunisians and Europe must not forget the countless political murders by the hands of Germany’s Rote Arme Faction, Italy’s Brigate Rose, France’s Action Direct and the Irish Republican Army.

  1. it is about time that some Tunisians realize that France for the last 300 years has never wished us good. Most countries fight for their interests, but the case of France is infuriating and so hypocritical it is laughable. From January 13th to January 15th they moved from “Ben Ali is a good guy” to “we will fight for democracy and against tyranny in Tunisia”

    Some of the Tunisian francophiles need to understand that their mind is still colonized and that having France as a model in anything is an aberration when France itself is getting rid of its backward bureaucratic and archaic legacy: their education system is messed up, their accounting system is backward, their judiciary system is outdated, their political model is rotten….

    Yet, we have few blinded sheep that can’t open their mind.


  2. The fact that France ruled Tunisia for 75 years is astonishing. Every American that I had spoken to expressed amazement for the fact that France had colonies of which Tunisia is one. It gets better when France maintained a economic bond for that it gained control over our politics indirectly. Now, the country is rife with those what we like to call “France’s orphans”. The ones that sold their identities and souls for France. It’s pathetic, I don’t need to go further.

  3. An uneducated American perhaps would be surprised since they know nothing of African history. Wheras as every African knows that the mother country historically had rulers who were.white, violent and who had taken different parts of the continent by force. Be that the Romans, Alexandra the great, the Spanish. English or French. Bourgiba kicked the french out and this government still bows down.to them. However if they are accepting money then France may féel it has the right. So yes your right about them maintaining some power on the governmental reigns