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Prime Minister Jebali announces Monday the failure of his proposal for a technocratic government (Courtesy of the prime minister’s official Facebook page)

Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali announced the failure of his proposal to form an nonpartisan cabinet of technocratic ministers at a press conference Monday that followed a four-hour long meeting with representatives of different political parties.

Negotiations over Jebali’s plan started last Friday, February 15, and resumed Monday. Jebali’s proposal was not approved by the majority of the National Constituent Assembly members, and thus a consensus over a technocratic cabinet was not reached.

“I am not pessimistic… I call on all political parties to find new solutions,” reiterated Jebali in a brief public statement after the meeting.

Prior to the prime minister’s evening address, different parties were still weighing in on Jebali’s proposal on Monday.

In a press release issued Monday, Ennahdha party’s Shura Council rejected Jebali’s plan and affirmed their committment for a political cabinet, reflecting the results of the October 23, 2011 election.

Mouldi Fehem, a representative of opposition party Al Joumhouri, told Tunisia Live that his party has always called for a national coalition party that does not exclude any political party. However, following Prime Minister Jebali’s initial proposal for a technocratic government, Al Joumhouri, among other opposition parties, welcomed the initiative.

“Our country needs us united… That’s why we called for a government of independent expertise. But it was a hard plan,” he added.

Fehem speculated that the ongoing negotiations will lead to forming a government that consists in both independent and affiliated politicians.

“It would be best if the main ministries remain neutral while all political parties are included in the rest of the government, including Nidaa Tounes and the Popular Front.”

In an interview with Tunisia Live, Jilani Hammami, a leader of the Popular Front coalition, stated that it called for a national emergency government with an urgent economic and social agenda, even before the assassination of opposition leader Chokri Belaid on February 6.

“We would not join a political coalition government at this point… We don’t approve of fighting over chairs and government positions just to stay in power,” he added.

Hammami described both Jebali’s proposal and the alternative plan of forming a political coalition government as “another failure of the ruling parties.”

Speculations over a forthcoming cabinet reshuffle have swirled for the past several weeks. On the evening of Belaid’s assassination, Jebali announced his initiative of an apolitical, technocratic government as a solution to the current political situation.

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  2. Raja says:

    It is not good news. It shows again that Jebali is a lier. He never kept any of his promises. This is not the first time he promises to resign and he does not. The worst news is that Ennahdha is not willing to give up on the 3 key ministries that are currently run by incompetent ministers: the Ministries of Interior, Justice and Religious Affairs. These 3 ministers are leading the country to disaster and Jebali knows it very well. But the battle for power seems to currently be the only real priority for most Political parties. Tunisians will have to wait for the next shocking blow (another political murder? More public violence?) to react and take on the street again as one big united block against extremism and destructive ideology. Meanwhile, many Tunisians are getting to understand better the dirty side of politics and power, but have yet to find a way to save the country from the incompetence and extremism of its current leaders.

    • Mohamed says:

      Thinking like this is what is leading Tunisia right into a brick wall. A judgement based not on intelligent analysis of reality but rather on perceptions of an incorrect image projected by media and an opposition that is focusing on ideology rather than actual solutions.

      Its time people like this base their reasoning on actual facts rather on what this and that says or thinks … “another political murder? More public violence?” … what is this thinking. So rash and irresponsible.

      I have lost my faith in Jebali but this does not lead me to request some erratic decisions. The country is unstable and hence needs more stable and concrete decision, not an irresponsible technocratic government. At least this way we can point the blame at Nahda and the Trioka when their term ends.

      We need to stop relying on our ears and more on seeking the deep truths and using more of our intelligence.

      • Truthteller says:

        The problem is, with elections being indefinitely postponed, when does “their term” end? I think Raja is being realistic and not irresponsible at all.

        There seems to be a lot of foot dragging in the curent government. One tell-tale sign will be the speed with which justice for Belaid’s assasin is delivered.

  3. Mark says:

    This may be a good result now the parties may really have to find a solution that works for the people

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