PM Jebali Declines Ennahdha’s Offer to Lead New Government

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Prime Minister Jebali announces his resignation Tuesday evening (Courtesy of the Tunisian Presidency’s official Facebook page)

Outgoing Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali declined Thursday an invitation by his ruling Ennahdha party to head a new coalition government. His refusal comes two days after he officially announced his resignation to the press.

Ennahdha, in a communiqué, said that it is in the process of negotiations with its allies to determine the next prime minister before the end of the week.

Jebali said he felt satisfied with his performance and hoped that someone else would continue his work, Zoubeir Chhoudi, a member of Ennahdha’s Shura Council, told Tunisia Live.

The ruling party praised the outgoing prime minister in its communiqué for his handling of the government since the National Constituent Assembly elections of October 23, 2011.

Jebali resigned Tuesday, a day after he announced the failure of his initiative to establish an apolitical, technocratic government. On the very day that opposition leader Chokri Belaid was assassinated over two weeks ago, Jebali announced this initiative, which he asserted was the best solution to the current political tensions in the country.

Amira Masrour contributed reporting

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    Its a sad fact that Muslims are taught that those who least seek a position of power are best placed to exercise it and those who seek it most are least suited to exercise it. Jebali has shown his moral qualities and efforts should be applied to convince him to continue to lead the country at this sensitive time. May God belss him