Applications Open for Election Oversight Committee; Electoral Law Not Yet Finished

By Racha Haffar | Feb 25 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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Independent Board of Elections known by its French acronym (ISIE)

Those wishing to be considered as candidates for Tunisia’s Independent Board of Elections (ISIE), the body that will organize upcoming general elections, will be able to register starting tomorrow, according the Official Journal published by the Prime Ministry.

Registration will last for 10 days and then a selection committee in the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) will begin choosing members of the ISIE.

In order to be eligible, candidates must be over the age of 35, registered to vote, experienced in their field of expertise for at least 10 years, unaffiliated with any political party for the past five years, and lacking any governmental position in the previous regime.

The selection committee will initially choose a roster of 108 potential candidates. Then the final 36 candidates will be chosen during a general meeting of the NCA, according to Neji Jmal, an NCA member from the Ennahdha party.

The NCA previously adopted two articles of a draft law establishing an election oversight board and charging it with guaranteeing elections and referendums that are democratic, free, pluralistic, transparent and honest.

˜'The priority now is to prepare the committee for registering the candidates,” Jmal said, explaining that a final law governing the ISIE is not yet complete. “It will be worked on after finishing all the preparations and selections of the candidates.”

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    The names of the candidates should be secret. That way no one can choose his friend or political ally. The qualifications for being a candidate are far too strict and enable only people of a certain generation with certain expectations to become candidates. The group will not represent the total Tunisian population and thus defeat the purpose.