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Day to Fight Racial Discrimination Observed in Tunisia


Day to Fight Racial Discrimination Observed in Tunisia

Tunisian blacks from the south performed today on Habib Bourguiba Avenue

In Tunisia’s first celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, an event was held today in downtown Tunis to raise awareness about discrimination against racial minorities in the country.

The event, “Tunisia with all its Colors,” was organized by the Association for Equality and Development (ADAM).

Taoufik Cheiri, the president of ADAM, told Tunisia Live that his association is the first in the country to fight for the rights of minorities. Formed in May 2012, ADAM aims to expose all instances of racial discrimination that Tunisian blacks, who make up 10 to 15 percent of the population, confront on a daily basis.

Cheiri added that ADAM members have penned letters to the politicians in the National Constituent Assembly asking for a new law to eradicate discrimination.

The event in downtown Tunis sought to revive the heritage of black minorities coming from Medenine, a state in southern Tunisia. Emina Soudani, General Secretary of ADAM, said that this event is highly important to create a better level of awareness among Tunisians.

Rokhaya Diallo, a French activist and author advocating against racism, said, “the main problem concerning this issue is the denial and the lack of awareness among Tunisians, as most of them don’t realize that there is real discrimination happening here.”

Gilberto Leal, from the Brazilian National Coordination of Black Institutions, participated in the event to build a link between his organization and ADAM, sharing with Tunisia some of Brazil’s experiences addressing racism.

The event will continue tomorrow with a presentation by Abdesattar Amamou, a Tunisian historian who will speak about the history of Tunisian racism.

  • Red

    “Medenine, a state in southern Tunisia”. There are no states in Tunisia. Tunisia is not a federation like the US. Instead there are “governorates”. A governorate is an administrative division.

  • zammarah

    soooo….an article about racial discrimination in Tunisia without a single case or example of racial discrimination in Tunisia??????

    and…what!!!!! there are 10 to 15% blacks in tunisia…whose stats are these??? what a ridiculous statements…an idiotic one. You have to be an outright retarded to say that. the editor is also plain dumb. 10 to 15% !!!!!!

    I guess coming from people who claimed that 1.5 million marched druring bekaid’s funeral ….what a mediocre bunch.

    • Africa

      Denial, denial, denial, Tunisia is in Africa people, why the shock about 10 to 15% of population being black? If anything, I’m surprised that the indigenous/African population is that low.

    • Anais

      When I was demonstrating during the revolution, I was told, ‘What are you doing here?” or “They say Wassif. Wassif, that is to say “slave.” It was a status before the abolition of slavery. (…) But now that word is stuck to Black people.” oh and the video on youtube is not deniable.. Proof.

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