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    Feminist Group Declares April 4 "International Topless Jihad Day"

    By Farah Samti | Mar 29 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Courtesy of Femen France’s official Facebook page

    An international campaign under the name “Titslamism Free Amina” has spread over social networks, calling for support of a young Tunisian feminist activist, who recently posted photos of herself topless. The campaign calls for protests in front of Tunisian embassies around the world on April 4.

    Amina’s photos sparked nationwide controversy following her announcement that she had joined the international feminist group Femen. Since then, rumors about her being threatened and forced into psychiatric treatment have circulated.

    In a previous interview with Tunisia Live, lawyer and feminist activist Bochra Bel Haj Hmida denied that Amina was missing or has ever been in a psychiatric facility.

    However, Femen France posted on their Facebook page that they have recently contacted Amina, who explained to them that she was isolated in a family house and was not allowed to leave or go to school. According to the conversation posted on Facebook, Amina has been facing the constant threat of violence from some family members and her parents believe her to be psychologically troubled, forcing her to take medicine.

    Over 160 people with different nationalities posed naked in support for the Tunisian 19-year-old, with their photos posted in a Facebook album entitled “Support Amina.” Some of these were women from Arab countries, who took off their burqas and niqabs and wrote “Free Amina” on their chests. Several men posted topless photos of themselves as well.

    Femen activists called for an international protest in front of Tunisian embassies to show solidarity with Amina on April 4, which they have dubbed “International Topless Jihad Day.”

    The Femen website appeared to have been hacked on Friday, with the organization’s front page featuring a message describing the women who posed naked as “prostitutes.”

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      Lanna /

      arab women were always like that,they wanted to get naked and do the same western women do they just hide their wishes behind religion, but now they want their own feministic spring in the arab world, to be free to get naked or almost naked in streets, leave a bad husband,or not to be force to do what they do not want etc! Be careful arabs, your women will get naked anytime they can in front of the eyes of the world lol

      • angela /

        Since the demonstrations are to take place outside Tunisian embassies around the world why do you all care. There are serious issues taking place that need to be addressed and the topic that involes ‘sex or nuditiy’ as usual gets the attention…..so many comments……..Are Tunisians obsessed by sex….and why the constant reference to the so called ‘West’. There are things that go on in Tunisia that would never be allowed in the ‘West’ but of course that does not get spoken about…..There are two Tunisia’s one you see and one everyone knows about but dont talk about.

        Everybody has the right to do whatever they want with their body…..some of the belly dancers leave very little to the imagination……and originally they were to teach about sex….This young woman is protesting in a way that suits her….if anyone is offended look the other way…….better than a car bomb…..eh!

    1. ramzy /

      Lana l feel sorry for you if you want to voice your opinon you dont have to go toples. There is a time and place to show a pair of tits on the beach or in the window (amsterdam)????????

    2. pauli /

      these forms of velvet revolution are so in touch with the humanity of people, the music and dance of the Harlem shake is not violent or bloody, and women claiming rights to their own bodies seems a loving gesture which moves people.
      Ghandi ,bent down on the beach and took a handful of salt, this would cause the British to have to leave India.
      The point is , most poeple really want to be happy in this world, and Tunisians in general are ready to participate in joyfulness,maybe they have had enough of misery , who knows?

      • hichem /

        indeed free to not bring shame on her family, by being silent and not expressing herself

        i believe thats called a prisoner of conscience, we all used to be these in the good ol’ days, so i guess for everyone here it’s a case of one step forward two steps back.

        perfect progreess.

    3. zankoora /

      here we go again…30% of Tunisia live’s articles are about gays, lesbians, transgenders, bear chested women, and that type of ‘news’…

      • aware /

        You equate the price of food with the rights of women? This affirms you other comments – you are afraid and think of women as possessions

    4. yasin /

      I just want to say that in England, France and America if you go naked in public you will get arrested by the police and they are non muslims. In Tunisia the extreme minority of like 5% believe to think that they can do anything they like and not be answered to by what the Quran and Sunnah prescribed on us. Lets say we dont judge them referring to Islamic legislation which is difficult because they have brough religion into it, calling it “topless jihad”, lets judge by secular law that is used in europe and america and see what they say to people who do such disgusting acts THEY GET ARRESTED AND FINED so why if this happens in Tunisia they make such controversy. I GAURANTEE if they were in europe they would never do such an act.

      • hah /

        Tits are disgusting to you? You must be gay. Also, in Europe and America there are tons of topless beaches, we aren’t a bunch of ass-backwards closeted gays.

        • Muhammad AbdulQawiyu. /

          @ Hah: Your comment convinces me of your stupidity, Hah from the U.S. If Hah from the U.S can walk around chest naked or stark naked, then there is no difference between Hah from the U.S and the mangy quadrupeds you find in a scaled-back society.

      • Alan M /

        A woman can walk in topless in New York City legally wherever a man cam. Indecent exposure only covers the genitals.
        The “extreme minority in Tunisia” are brainwashed by some silly book that expresses and keeps it adherents poor and that no educated person would take any notice of.

    5. ramzy /

      Well said yacin these people who support this kind if action need to have their heads examed.I wonder if they will allow their sister or mother to go topless?????? I say punish them accordind to the law of the country long live all tunisians free these idiots.

      • maria /

        am probably wasting my breath but I will try to explain to you guys what the “point” is. You ask in your comment if these people would “allow” their sisters/mothers to go topless. That is the problem. your belief that a woman needs PERMISSION from her male relatives/husband to do anything with her life or her own body. That is the “revolutionary” idea. Instead of writing rubbish just THINK about it

        • jm swallow /

          Maria says it quite clearly. I myself may not approve of a lady displaying herself in public, but the decision has to be 100% hers,
          all men and women of any colour, creed are 100% equal

          Clearly Amina is not doing it personally but to make her political point. Again others may disagree with her, but reacting with violence is the irrational actios of a playground bully, and grown men should be above that anywhere in the world.

      • aware /

        You do not own your sister or mother..Once a woman is grown up, the choice is there’s. You too have missed the point.

    6. MikeR /

      I truly look forward to the day when a shirtless woman is no bigger a deal than a shirtless man. Lighten up,folks. Tit happens.

    7. ramzy /

      I have not seen you topless are afraid or is it just big mouth nobody is disputing the wright if women sorry you are not one.

    8. mezwed /

      95% of Tunisians (if not more) disapprove of this odd woman’s actions.

      They also disprove of the disproportionate media coverage this silly story is getting. Most Tunisian’s also understand that some media (including tunisia-live) have an agenda that goes against the general interests of the common Tunisian, but to the contrary caters to some other entities.

      Tunisia live is a clear example with its US state department funding (directly or indirectly that is).

      In short we have several hundred Tunisians who have been brainwashed, whose minds have been soaked in ideas that never emanated from indigenous discourse, nor are these ideas the result of a conscientious Tunisian barnstorming. Instead, they pick up ready slogans, that were invented and adapted to different cultures and institutions and try to implement them on a Tunisians who by and large refuse those “ideas”.

      Thank go that most Tunisians, the working Tunisians, the fathers, the mothers, the brothers and sisters, the ones that are honest who understand their culture and identity, the ones that work hard and struggle every day…they don’t care about the “fight” of the few disillusioned whose brain is in the west but bodies in Tunisia, the few lost sheep who cannot think for themselves and who sold their integrity for the unattainable non existent mirage they see on their satellite TV by watching Fr2 and the likes.

      To the @hichem, @maria and so on…Tunisians disapprove of the oddity of these women, if you want to get naked…do it somewhere else, as here in Tunisia we try to have some socially superior norms that that of animals (we try at least).

      • aware /

        You have missed the point. These women probably don’t want to be naked. Their goal is to bring awareness to the lack of true choice, self determinism, that they are faced with. Even in Tunisia today, when it come right down to it, women are often seen as the property of men. These actions are to bring attention to this plight, to get more widespread awareness. It got your attention right?

    9. Gord /

      The ancient question of property rights since the time of Vashti is still with us and has not slipped into the depths of time. To what extent does a woman have freedom of decision making? Freedom or independence is not something that exists without fighting for it. The fight that Vashti began still continues. Read the book of Esther.

    10. Nikki /

      Going topless and being naked are two different things. Last time I checked it there were plenty of topless and sometimes naked women hanging out in the hammam with women they don’t know.

      With all these drama queens shouting about modesty and covering up etc when will they see the bigger picture that this is about the right of CHOICE. I believe humans were given freedom of choice by the books were they not, despite the rules in the books themselves all are free to choose what they do or dont. I guess they fear to lose control of something which isnt theirs anyway.

      Just because you class yourself to fall under a label such as Tunisian or Muslim doesnt make you a mouthpiece for anyone else or give you the right to remove their god-given freedom of choice.

      We all have bodies, anyone would think it was an unknown species we are talking about. As for the comparison to animals dont forget Adam & Eve were naked and we all come into this world naked.

      • zankoor /

        If you want to go that route, Adam and Eve (according to monotheistic religions of course) were naked but God hid their privates to the other…until they disobeyed God. They went looking and found fig leaves (according to the book of Genesis-Bible) and covered up.

        anyway, I am kinda tired of answering people who legitimize the actions of Femen, as most have a flawed logic: “You can do what you want with your body”, “this is a private choice”….etc.

      • roze /

        ya Niki you are right Adam and Eve were sent naked and after that they covered their bodies with leaves of trees and when someone is nude and if the other one who is watching h/her express his desire to rape h/her then why we put him/her under sanctions????
        it isolates others so couldn,t allow to do so. ya in his house he should do waht h/she wants…….!

    11. ramzy /

      Niki it is a question of morality and respect by nature you can express yourself to suit the situation. In a nudist camp you undress in the street you dress up. Exposing tits in public is senselising I am glad you mention the hammam you are an idiot would you let a male in while any your family is there.

      • zankoor /

        spot on…I don’t get these folks..they bring an example that ought to help their argument, and all it does is reenforce the opposite…

        I am not sure what would be their answer if someone camps by their house naked…a dude that would be naked.


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      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live
    • Carthage Theater Days statue display in downtown Tunis.

      Photo credit: Tristan Dreisbach, Tunisia Live

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