Topless Femen Activist Says She Must “Leave Tunisia”

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Femen Topless Activist Amina in French Interview

Screenshot of interview from Canal Plus website.

The activist whose topless photos sparked controversy in Tunisia told a French television station that she must leave Tunisia in an interview broadcast Saturday.

I have fear for my life and the life of my family, the woman, known as “Amina,” told interviewers from the “L’Effet Papillon” program of Canal Plus. She added that she received death threats on Facebook and that rumors were circulating about punishments radical Islamists might inflict on her.

Amina expressed her support for Femen, the feminist organization that originally posted her pictures and is known for topless demonstrations. However, she criticized protests that took place April 4th in which topless activists burned a Salafist flag in front of a Paris mosque. She told Canal Plus that these were unacceptable because they insulted all Muslims, not just Salafists.

Femen used the slogan Free Amina while organizing its April 4th “International Topless Jihad Day,” but Amina said in the interview that she did not approve of the group using her name for this purpose.

Femen responded to Amina's comments on its Facebook page, saying Amina is not aware of how it really happened, and that the activists did not pronounce her name during the protests in front of the mosque.

Amina's whereabouts had been a subject of speculation since late March, with Femen asserting she was missing and possibly institutionalized in a psychiatric facility.

In Saturday's interview, Amina told Canal Plus that her family had found her in a café and took her home after the initial pictures were posted online and she appeared on a Tunisian talk show. A cousin broke her cell phone's SIM card and beat her up, and she was forced to stay with her family, she said. Amina added that she was lucky to have a father who handled the situation well.

Amina stated that no Tunisian private school would now accept her, and that she wishes to pursue her education abroad.

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  1. Amina go to hell you are tunisian you think you can change all tunisians attitude towards topless try and ask your mum first if she agrees l dout it. You are very wellcome to go france but you will be recognised only as the tunisian topless.

    • Ramzy the a$$whole, Keep your fucking comments to yourself. At least, Amina did something to express herself what did you do?
      Woman are Free in Tunisia and will always fight for their freedom. Stick you black flack and stupid salafism and shut the fuck up..

  2. Allah you seem to be very educated l cannot compete with your extensive vocabulary is that all you have learned in english???? Women are more liberal and free in tunisia than many european country!!! Thanks to bourguiba. I suggest you go back to higher education you may learn how to write better reponses.

  3. Frankly, I doubt that Amina was initially not aware about the risks she could be exposed to after showing her topless breasts in front of a camera. Nevertheless, she could serve as a role model not only for other feminists but, more importantly, for men as well who are eager to leave Tunisia for a better life in Europe. She has worked out a way of how to get out of the country not as a clandestine but as a hailed heroine in Western Europe. As a result, she will receive many invitations for TV shows as well as from newspapers and magazines. This is a pretty smart way for doing a living without sticking to much in work. There is a saying I once heared from a German celibrity: “be smart by playing the fool’s game!”

    • I completely agree with you, it was her way of getting out of her islamic country, by using the excuse my life is in danger. Did she not know that living in an islamic country you can not make topless statements. At least cover your face, if you dont want death treats. EU or others should not fall for this tricks of the islamist. If they dont want to live like that, they should change their system, and protest for human rights and women rights, but maybe not topless in an islamic country. Duh !!

  4. you do not deserve that name its people like you and amina who bring shame to tunisia this does not belong in our country so why dont you shut up and get out there are many ways to express ones self with going topless .