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    Prices of Staple Foods to be Slashed

    By Tristan Dreisbach | Apr 19 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Tunis Food Price Control

    A supermarket in Tunis. Image courtesy Babnet.

    The Tunisian government announced yesterday a set of new price controls that will reduce prices of staple foods. The policy change will take effect on Monday, according to state press agency TAP.

    The price controls will be implemented, depending on the product, either through setting maximum legal prices or regulating the profit margin permissible for producers of certain goods.

    The products covered by yesterday’s decision are bottled water, eggs, potatoes, tuna, vegetable oils, cheese, and other dairy products. Prices on personal hygiene and health products will also be cut.

    The price controls may allay some consumer concerns about the state of the economy. Inflation has been very high in Tunisia since the January 2011 revolution, now reaching 6.5 percent, according to Trading Economics. This is the highest inflation rate in 16 years. The unemployment rate, while falling over the past several months, still remains over 16 percent.

    The new controls will result in price drops ranging from five percent for dairy products to 40 percent for potatoes, according to news agency AFP.

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      Alan /

      Long Overdue – so many Tunisian famillies are struggling with the essentials. I notice everytime I visit – even after 2 months prices go up.



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