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An assortment of sushi varieties from Sushi Box

Perched proudly atop Byrsa Hill in Carthage, Villa Didon is well known for its modern decor, exclusive restaurant, and incredible view of the Bay of Tunis. This week, a new restaurant – Sushi Box – will preview its first location at Villa Didon before opening its second restarant in Lac this summer.

As Tunisian restaurants start to cater to sushi’s growing popularity, Sushi Box surpasses mundane hotel imitations by pairing the trendy Eastern cuisine with Mediterranean flavors. To ensure authentic dishes, the owners have brought in a seasoned Japanese sushi chef to train and manage the kitchen crew. The ever popular California roll with avocado and a simple but fantastic tuna sashimi are among the classic offerings. Augmenting this traditional expertise, the owners have also created fusion rolls with novel ingredients.

Warm weather means that fresh Tunisian seafood and crisp vegetables are joined by seasonal fruit. These dishes include tempura shrimp, cream cheese, and strawberry as well as a delightful salmon, mango, honey, and kiwi roll. Sushi Box also presents international favorites with an Asian twist. Try the Italian roll with artisanal cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil or the decadent French roll made with foie gras, fig compote, and cracked walnuts. During the premier at Villa Didon, patrons have access to the hotel’s comprehensive offerings of fine wines and spirits.

For diners less accustomed to their rarer preparations, Sushi Box also offers well-done courses. Coconut-breaded shrimp, marinated cheese-filled steak, and thyme-infused chicken breast compliment the other Mediterranean fare available at Villa Didon. For dessert, sample the fried banana in chocolate sauce or green tea sorbet. 

Sushi Box is the brainchild of Nadine Fayad and Sami Tounsi. While working with Mon Resto, a Tunisian website that offers home delivery for local restaurants, Sami noticed that sushi was one of the most popular orders. The couple is currently in the process of building Sushi Box’s new home in Lac. While the restaurant’s debut at Villa Didon focuses on discerning nightlife, the second location will cater to the sophisticated lunch crowd and focus on providing quality and personal service.

Sushi Box
Grand Opening Thursday, April 25 from 7:00 – 11:00pm
Villa Didon
Rue Mendes France 2016, Carthage 

Sushi Box Lac (Opening Summer 2013)
M1 Residence Diwer
Yakut St., Lac II

Correction: A previous version of this article mistakenly stated that the Sushi Box restaurant in Villa Didon was temporary.  In fact, it is a permanent addition to the hotel’s offerings.

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  1. ramzy says:

    Bloody hell you are still misspelling primitive that said it all.

    • proud primitive bedouin says:

      to “ramzy”,
      i see, you are one of those sushi eaters, which i described.

    • maria says:

      ha ha its getting stupid he is a nut job…..everyone has the right to post but he is far too agressive and the name calling should be against TL policies of inciting hatred or something. what a odd person whatever medication he is on needs to be reviewed

    • curious says:

      First off…Bedouin dude needs some SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL help!! Second, are you the same ramzy that is going to open the Fatburger in Sidi Bou Said?? If so, where exactly is it and when will it be open?

  2. proud primtive bedouin says:

    people who eat stuff like sushi do that only for the reason to brag about it in front of other people and to say “hey, guys, look, uuuuh, i was eating ssssuushi, look how cultured and open miiiinded i am, uuuuuh!”

    there is no better food than that of your mothers.

    no need for foreign stuff

    • FunckyBouda says:

      Sorry but that was not a good way of thinking…Think outside of the box and open up to other cultures..it will benefit you in the long run.. I miss Tunisian food but I will take Sushi any time any day.. Peace out my Bedouin friend..

  3. proud primtive bedouin says:

    what kind of a ridiciolous garbage! this nonsense has no place in the arab world!!!

    we must protect our culture!! to hell with all this multicultural garbage!

    the arab-islamic culture is the best, to hell with the rest!

    death to feminism!

    outlaw men haircuts and trousers for women now! these people should be wipped! whip them! whip them hard!

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