• What’s on in Tunis: May 2-8

    By Chris Barfield | May 1 2013 Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on pinterest Print

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    Happy Labor Day, Tunis!  Enjoy your break from work by reviewing some of the cultural events taking place in the capital this week. The Just Standing Dance Festival will begin today in various locations around Tunis. Be sure to drop by the Municipal Theater on May 4th for a battle featuring different styles of dance, and catch a film screening at 4th Art on May 5.

    Two great theatrical shows, Monstranum'S and Lofti Abdelli's stand-up comedy act Made in Tunisia are making renewed appearances at Al Hamra and the Coliseum, respectively. Zero Point, a new political commentary, is opening tomorrow at El Teatro in Belvedere.

    For those interested in visual arts, a wide variety of styles can be found in local galleries. Look for futuristic surrealism in Ennaser II, a review of orientalist art in the Medina, and a collaborative presentation of Iraqi and Tunisian artists in Sukra.

    Just Standing Dance Festival
    When: May 1-5, 2013
    Where: Various Locations
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    When: May 2-4, 2013 at 7:00 pm
    Where: El Hamra Theater, 28 rue Al Jazira, Tunis
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    Zero Point
    When: May 2-8, 2013
    Where: El Teatro, Belvedere
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    Art Exhibition: Dessins , Lavis , et Pastels
    When: May 3-9, 2013
    Where: Galerie Saladin, 4 Ave. Habib Bourguiba, Sidi Bou Said
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    Art Exhibition:  “Baghdad… Tunis”
    When: May 3-24, 2013
    Where: Galerie Kalysté, Sukra
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    Lofti Abdelli: Made in Tunisia is Back
    When: May 4 2013
    Where: The Coliseum, 45 Ave. Habib Bourguiba, Tunis
    How Much: Tickets from 15 dinars
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    Aliens from Utopia
    When: May 5-12, 2013
    Where: Rotin Cafe, Ennaser II
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    Orientalist Art Exhibition
    When: May 7-25, 2013
    Where: Kheirredine Palace, Tunis Medina
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