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Landmine Tunisia Yahia

Bassem Belhaj Yahia being interview in his hospital bed. Image courtesy Mosaique FM.

Bassem Belhaj Yahia, a national guardsman who lost a leg during ongoing mine clearance operations near the Algerian border, said the group of militants being pursued by security forces is armed, well trained, and dangerous.

In an interview with radio Shems FM, Yahia, who is currently recovering following surgery to save his other leg, described what transpired during a search for militants hiding in the forest of Chambi Mountain in Kasserine governorate.

Yahia said he was injured the second day of the search, a day after other members of his team had been injured in land mine explosions. Yahia and two snipers were on a scouting mission when more mines exploded.

He said they discovered a camp where the militants had been hiding. It consisted of huts built into the ground and heavily camouflaged so they would not be spotted by helicopters. He described the camp as strategically located.

“All evidence showed that these people are very well-trained and were ready to attack,” Yahia added.

The scouting team revealed that the militants were well trained and organized, using solar energy to charge their phones and surviving on snacks.

“They probably have outside connections too,” he said.

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  1. Ardo says:

    when there are tunisian wahhabis in government what hope is there really?

  2. mounir says:



  3. Publicola says:

    To support democracy, and be it by just doing one’s jobwise or professional duty, seems to be a highly dangerous, and even deadly task.
    The severely injured guardsman has rendered outstanding services to democracy and to his country and deserves not only the deepest respect but also a perceptibly considerable long-term compensation.

  4. Truthteller says:

    Who is training in these camps? How long have they been there? What do they want? Who are their allies and what do they want? There are a lot of weapons now circulating freely in the region. Those of you who say Qatr or the Saudis are behind this, ask yourselves what do they have to gain from this. Someone is profiting from all this violence and destabilization. The link above, which promises more information, only links back to this article.

  5. Patrick Batchelder says:

    Tunisia needs to seek out-side, large amounts of money to target these people with technology and training against these people. It will take a lot of money and catching-up to get rid of these thugs. These people have been creating terror for decades and to combat it Tunisian will need to move fast and that takes help and money.

    • maria says:

      Tunisia does get help form out side with training equipment etc., Tunisia just took delivery of the new j30 plane so it had monry for defences….the troops need training and support now. god help them offering their lives for a government who may be sitting on the fence…..its disgusting

  6. ramzy says:

    I hear you loud and clear. Solders represent all tunisian fAmilies.

  7. Mohamed Ben amor says:

    I bet you that they are helped by the Saudis and Qataris who helped destroying Iraq and Syria, I do not think that they will succeed in Tunisia because the Tunisians are much smarter than these backward Saudis and Qataris.

  8. Mohamed Ben amor says:

    My heart goes to our brave Tunisian soldiers, a donation should be set up for these soldiers, Iam willing to help.

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